Reasons Why Can’t I Remember What I Read

There are some active reasons like if you are reading but not processing the things, if you are just reading without any purpose, reading with an absent mind not concentrating on contents, or do not understand what you read you probably can’t remember what you read.

I have a reading passion and reading has become an everyday habit. If ever it happens that I could not read in a single day that day seems meaningless to me. The latest book I am reading is The Power of Writing It Down: A Simple Habit to Unlock Your Brain and Reimagine Your Life by Allison Fallon.

After reading the first chapter “Something to Express” I tried to remember what I read. But I immediately forget what I read. I have been engrossed in thinking why can’t I retain what I read? The reason I found that is weariness. I started reading the book in the evening when I need a rest getting back home in the evening after daylong office work as the coming day is an off day.

If you read something with such a tired mind and body, you are more likely to forget most of the things that you read. So keeping the mind and body completely fresh while reading something is significant. Sometimes our brain can’t receive new information if it’s tired.

If you read something while you are worried about something even then you can forget it. Again if you think of something else while reading something then it is more likely to be forgotten. I mean, if you are reading A Promised Land by Barack Obama, then don’t focus entirely on what you’re reading in this book, you most likely can not remember what you read in A Promised Land.

When I don’t get enough sleep, I don’t remember everything when I read something.

Best Way to Read a Book and Remember It

When we read a book or any text should gather Knowledge or information. Reading is fruitless if I can’t remember something later on. Moreover, I would be a failure to apply the knowledge of what should be done by reading something.

It’s really great when you read with the right purpose to gain knowledge. If it happens that you are reading and can’t remember it then find out the exact reason. Get rid of reasons why you are forgetting. In this case, you can take some tested steps that will help you remember. Here are some ways I will share with you what I follow to keep in my brain when I read something, especially a book.

The first thing I do is decide what to read and why I will read that. Since I am reading with a specific purpose, I always keep that in mind whether it is being achieved or not. It is easy to remember when you read something with a specific goal.

When I find something new or important, I note it down instantly. At the same time, I think about it for a while as if my brain can process it thoroughly. When I think I have mastered the information I keep reading the following part again.

After some time reading, for example, an hour, I keep thinking about things. I read chapter by chapter or part by part. I write down notes of what I learned after reading each part. Then I share some interesting things with my friends and colleagues.

If something seems difficult I read it a second time. I have a writing habit so I try to write about what I learn new. I, of course, read something that is useful. If you read something that never would be useful, you are more likely to forget it. You have to try again and again to remember that.

Another thing that seems to be the most important to me is reading what you like most or are passionate about. You will not find any pleasure in reading what you do not like and you will soon forget them. So read what you like, read what you feel is enjoyable and interesting.

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