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From understanding musical basics to writing lyrics, you can master everything you desire with the help of the best music theory textbook. A substantial book can convert you into a legendary musician quickly and efficiently. The guides might play a vital role to enhance your mastery of music. So you need to be prone to picking such a book that will meet all of your demands and expectations. In the following section, I’m going to cover some of the first-rate and classic music theory books that can aid you significantly to learn and sharpen your skills level.

The Best Music Theory Textbook Below

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Music Theory: From Beginner to Expert – The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Learning Music Theory Effortlessly (Essential Learning Tools for Musicians) by Nicolas Carter 9.2 View on Amazon
Music Theory For Dummies by Holly Day 9.5 View on Amazon
Music Theory 101: From Keys and Scales to Rhythm and Melody – An Essential Primer on the Basics of Music Theory (Adams 101) by Brian Boone & Marc Schonbrun 9.3 View on Amazon
Music Theory in Practice (LIVRE SUR LA MU) by Taylor Eric 9.3 View on Amazon
Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music by Jonathan Harnum 9.2 View on Amazon

1. Music Theory: From Beginner to Expert

If you’re ambitious to uncover the joy of music, you may count upon this ultimate step-by-step guide musical book. The book will take you through the complete syllabus of musical terms to make you a full-fledged musician. You will get touched with harmony and form of music through the simple and plain explanation of the book. To expand your sense, the book contains an anthology of examples and exercises. The inclusion of new content and visual diagrams will contribute a lot to growing your understanding. Learning music theory will seem exceptionally easy to you through this insightful book.

The invaluable guidebook will teach you harmonic organization, composition, progression, chords, and other musical terms. In the context of musical analysis and dictation, you will certainly become adept. All the concepts and ideas will become crystal clear to you. By all means, this book will turn you into a skilled musician if you can implement the provided tactics and instructions properly. It’s a library of information; therefore, you won’t feel the shortage of support ever.

The practical and unique writing approach will allow you to understand how music actually works. Moreover, you could realize the mystery of notes, keys, circles of fifths, intervals, and other important laws. Rhythm is one of the major aspects of the musical world, and that’s why the book covers this topic in detail to enable you to master it. You will have a profound understanding of different types of music, their interconnection, origin, and the constitution of music theory through this evergreen book. To understand all the advanced concepts like atonality, polychords, polytonality, free music, and many more, nothing can be a better option than this comprehensive book.

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2. Music Theory For Dummies

The book will boost your musical knowledge and enable you to produce your own music in a delicate approach. It’s designed for beginners, so you could begin your journey from the scratch. You will have a deeper perspective of every aspect of music production and appreciation through it. From the fundamental notes to complex expressions, it will make everything straightforward to you in no time. To build your musical foundation, the book will provide you with a digestible guide to the concepts, artistry, and ideas of music. All the underlying topics of a typical musical course will become clear to you with the help of this book.

You will quickly become fluent in realizing how music and rhythms work. Anticipating the mystery of scales, modes, chord progression, and other important topics will seem no longer challenging to you. And it will offer you some exclusive techniques to level up your musical tracks and enhance your production skills. As it follows the intuitive teaching methods, you will find no hindrance in grasping all the complex subjects. The study of music theory will be highly manageable and accessible to you by dint of this masterpiece.

It can be a must-have tool for you to understand time signals, navigation, dynamics, tempo, and other notable terms. With a view to composing harmonies and accompanying melodies for voice and instruments, you will hardly find such an excellent book. It will acquaint you with various phrases to form music. As it breaks down the difficult concepts into organized and digestible chunks, you could easily comprehend how the ideas are related to each other.

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3. Music Theory 101: From Keys and Scales to Rhythm and Melody

If you want to learn music theory from basic then you can make a solid bond with this book. The book can be your best instructor to master the holistic concepts and ideas of music. To make you a successful musician, the book covers all sorts of music from classical to hard rock. As a novice, you need to have a clear understanding of the construction of chords and scales. And thankfully, the book focuses on it to make enhance your fluency to a great extent. You could acquire hands-on expertise in reading music sheets and recognizing keys.

The characteristic of different rhythms and time signatures will be presented to you in an easy-to-comprehend format. Throughout the book, you will learn full of music trivia, music symbols, visual aids of scales, and music history. In addition, the step-by-step instructions will allow you to discover how music really works and the terms are associated with each other. In composing interesting music, you need to put together various strategies. And this book explains the essential tactics descriptively to make you well-versed in music composition.

Along with teaching you the basics of music, the book will take you through some advanced topics as well. You could explore complex harmony and form of music at ease through this useful book. The inclusion of huge examples and exercises will play a vital role to develop your musical strength. To make you completely prepared for tackling upcoming musical challenges, it assembles extra information and quotes. Plus, the book comes with plenty of practice exams with answers to allow you to test your skills. It breaks down everything in a simple and logical order.

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4. Music Theory in Practice (LIVRE SUR LA MU)

This workbook offers practical exercises and advice to improve the musical understanding of music enthusiasts. It’s an excellent resource for diving into the deeper of the entire music theories. To acquire a solid foundation in this context, you may undoubtedly reach for this book as it’s regarded to be the best music theory textbook. With this insightful book, you will find background knowledge on all the underlying topics with in-depth explanations. The book will fully prepare you to prevail in composing music more exquisitely.

Since it comes with a large number of practice questions, you will never struggle in capturing all the complex musical terms. The way of presentation will definitely win over your heart and make you highly impressed. Alongside the conventional composting, the book will guide you to several modern musical theories such as rock, jazz, and blues. Playing various instruments will seem something easily attainable as it covers the mechanisms of playing an instrument.

It’s easy to understand and covers complex harmony and form. In this book, you could learn time signatures, bar lines, the treble clef, and other important topics. To develop general music literacy skills, it provides helpful tips along with a clear explanation of music notation. One of the exclusive features of this book is the intuitive definition of important words and concepts. You will have clear concepts of progressions, rhythms, intervals, scales, chords, and other essential topics.

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5. Basic Music Theory: How to Read, Write, and Understand Written Music

As your ultimate goal is to become a gem of music, you can experience this music theory textbook. With a view to writing, reading, and understanding the root of music, it can be your best learning tool. Without even taking any advice from a music teacher, you could master the basics of music with the support of this potential book. The author was an experienced music teacher; therefore, he put together everything you need to boost your musical knowledge. Moreover, he includes some additional tips on how to become fluent in music overnight.

This valuable book will teach you how to use special features in order to make music amusing and appreciating. The stuff that you usually don’t hear in the conventional music class is presented exquisitely to aid you most. You could learn the magical power of music in this book. A large number of practical use exercises are incorporated to enhance your skills considerably. Besides, the sound of silence will become crystal clear to you.

Meanwhile, the book is written in a concise, interesting, and compelling manner in order to keep you encouraged and well-informed. The inclusion of eight notes and rests makes you completely expert in music. In addition, the book will show the myth of triplets, seeing dots, major scales, and more major principles. The secret of key signatures will be uncovered to you as well.

The book covers the scales, mode, keys, intervals, and many other important musical concepts. It will teach you how to conduct patterns, strike a chord, and perform chord progression at ease. This book will give you deep insight into the guitar fingerboard, the wind-up, and the pitch.

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5 Best Music Theory Book for Self Study

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