How Many Pages Can You Read in an Hour?

How Many Pages Can You Read in an Hour

I can read 40 pages of a book in an hour that contains 300 words in a page on average. Sometimes I can read only 30 pages in an hour when I read slowly. Sometimes I can read 50 pages in an hour when I read fast.

The number of pages can be more than 30 or less than or more than 50 depending on some significant factors like what kind of book I am reading as well as why I do read.

When I read a book of deep context, I have to think about the meaning of the content, and then it takes a little more time. For example, when I read “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman, it takes more time to finish a page. Because I have to think while reading each line and also think about where it has similarities in real life. Then I wander into a world of thought. I think it’s normal to take a little longer to read each page when you read this kind of book.

But when you read a storybook you don’t have to think so much about the meaning and it takes less time to read each page.

When I reading a novel with a sense of humor that doesn’t take more time to decode the text and I can read more and about 50 pages. For example, reading “Dead Famous” by Ben Elton will take less time because it is explaining an event that you have to think less about to understand the fact.

Another vital fact is that reading is a matter of habit. If you read on a regular basis, it will take less time to read. If you read less or read occasionally, it will take you more time to read a book, more time to finish a page. In that case, if someone can read 20 pages or less in an hour it is normal to me.

For those who have just started reading books for the first time, reading 30 pages per hour is enough.

A person who is enthusiastic about reading books and reads regularly can easily complete 50 pages in an hour or even 60 pages.

In other cases, if someone reads an academic textbook, then it is not always possible to keep up reading progress the same number of pages. Because the purpose of his reading is different. After reading each page or paragraph, he has to understand it properly and in order to get the highest marks in the exam, he may have to read some parts several times to keep in mind the things.

You can read faster or slower depending on your average reading speed. Adults typically read about 250 words per minute while reading for enjoyment. In this case, adults can read 60 pages per hour.

If one instinctively reads slowly, it will take a little more time and it will be difficult to read more than 30 pages per hour.

More important to me than how many pages you read is whether you understand the meaning of what you are reading. It is meaningless for me to read more without understanding the meaning of text or content. But in fact, to read something means to understand the things, to acquire knowledge, to read for pleasure.

So, how many pages can you read in an hour is an issue subject to different opinions that may vary from person to person. But the standard is that a person can read 40 to 50 pages in an hour on average.

When you want to speed up reading, you must read books regularly to develop the habit of reading. If you can read fast, reading 50 pages per hour is not a big deal for you.

If you read a difficult book of meaning, you will be able to complete it in more than usual time.

Reading technical materials such as operating manuals, manual repair guides, or complicated scientific research typically requires more focus and attention to detail which can slow reading speeds down to 125 words per minute. So you can read only 15 pages in an hour practically if you read slow and 30 pages if you read fast.

The bottom line is that how many pages you can read in an hour may vary depending on the subject matter, reading habit, purposes, etc.

A slow reader can read 30 pages in an hour while an average reader can read 40 pages in an and a fast reader can read 50-60 pages in an hour assuming 250-300 words per page.

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