How Many Books Should I Read in a Year?

It absolutely depends on you how many books you should read in a year. There are a few key things to keep in mind when you set up a reading goal so that you can reach the goal eventually. If you set a challenging and unrealistic reading goal can discourage you to quit at a time suddenly. In addition, the reading goals will increase your passion for reading day by day.

Reading a book is a matter of time, a matter of pleasure, a matter of enjoyment, and we deeply think and understand what we read. Sometimes we reread some parts of a book to decode the meaning.

So how many books you can read in a year depends on your experience, your interest, your purpose, and a few more things.

The fact is that the habit of reading books depends on it entirely.

How Many Books Should I Read in a Year on Average?

Depending on what kind of reader you are, we can say that you should read at least 12 to 120 books in a year on average.

Now the question of why the range is so high?

The reason for such a high range of book reading from 12 to 120 is that we do consider a few crucial things, such as whether you are a fast reader, an average reader, or a slow reader.

If you are a fast reader you will understand more than the average reader but if you are a slow reader you will be able to read fewer books than the average reader.

If you are a slow reader you can read at least 12 books in a year, the average reader will be able to read at least one book in a week and 52 books in a year.

A fast reader can read 120 books in a year on average while a classic Bibliophile will surely be able to read more than 120 books in a year because of a higher level of interest and skill in book reading.

If you are a regular reader will be able to read more books than the average reader but if you are an occasional reader you will be able to read fewer books than an average reader.

In fact, if you are a new reader you can read fewer books than a passionate reader.

We think that a regular book reader should read at least 52 books in a year once a week.

How Many Books an Average American Read Per Year?

As per the Pew Research Center, the average person in the U.S. reads about 12 books per year. This number won’t help you if you read at a different pace than the average American. But it’s tempting to compare yourself to others when pursuing a reading goal.

Among all American adults, the average (mean) number of books read or listened to in the past year is 12 and the median (midpoint) number is 5–in other words, half of adults read more than 5 books and half read fewer. Neither number is significantly different from previous years. – Pew Research Center

If you love reading books or have a passion, then you will spend every spare time reading a book. Then you can read more books than the average American.

The term average is a bit misleading because there are people in America who read more than 80 books a year and about 24 percent of them don’t read a book in a year.

How to Decide the Number of Books to Read?

If you read a total of 52 books in a year once a week, it could be a landmark event in changing your life forever.

When it comes to reading a book, we think that the number is a figurative thing. You can never be a good reader by reading a big number of books because the success of reading a book is determined by the fact that you can understand the meaning of a book and apply the lessons learned in real life.

So if you read books regularly, there is no problem with the number of books being less but the most important thing is that you are able to understand the true meaning of each line of a book you are reading.

Read books as long as you like reading. Read books as long as you enjoy it. It doesn’t matter if the number of books is less or more.

The most important thing that can act as a catalyst to change your life is to enjoy reading and understanding the in-depth meaning of a book.

A poll conducted by Goodreads will make you the fact clearer. A total of 1569 people voted in that poll and 60.9 percent (955 people) read 1-5 books in a month, 25.9 percent (406 people) read 5-10 books in a month, 8.4 percent (132 people) read 10-15 books in a month, and 4.8 percent (76 people) read 15-20 books in a month.

The Bottom Line

How many books you read in a year is so significant. But the more significant fact is what you learn by reading books and whether you can apply this learning in your practical life. You are successful in reading books only when you are enjoying reading and understanding the core things of books. The more you can successfully read, the more you can enrich your knowledge base. So you have to read books as much as possible and make it a habit to read books regularly.

It’s great if you read fewer books but the point is that as much as you read the book the theory is that you get into the book. You get lost in books. Don’t think ever about the number of books you are reading in a year. Rather you should focus on the inside what the author intends to express.

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