How Does Reading Make You Smarter?

How Does Reading Make You Smarter

Reading definitely makes you smarter. But How Does Reading Make You Smarter?

Reading makes you smarter in some specific ways. You are increasingly getting more specific through reading either books or other text and content.

You can measure something precisely in the light of knowledge you gain by reading, would be able to achieve your goal, to be more relevant and pragmatic as well as reading makes you even more time-conscientious.

The assimilated outcome of these achievements is you are becoming smarter gradually.

In addition, you can learn facts by reading and acquire fluid intelligence and emotional intelligence which are essential for smartness.

Here I am going to expose the specific ways of how does reading makes you smarter by providing practical examples.

I think that you have read A Promised Land by Barack Obama and reading this book makes you smarter. By Smarter I mean you are more accurate or specific, measurable, goal-oriented, practical, and time-conscious.

So how you have acquired these qualities through reading this book?

Let me break down this point. You can answer now some specific questions if you have read A Promised Land.

If I do ask you ‘what is the context of the book written?

Your answer would be ‘presidential memoirs’ a deeply personal account of the history of Barack Obama’s life.

Then, how did you feel reading the book?

Your comment would be it is absolutely a great read. If you would like to see and read an educated person who speaks his truth and hide nothing in the process, it would be a great read for you indeed. The book is very enlightening to his’ life and to his journey.

What have you achieved by reading the book? Or what are the lessons of the book?

For me, the learning is Progress is Always Possible even in the situation of dramatic transformation and turmoil that Obama does believe.

What will be the influence of this book among readers?

Obama’s truthfulness, candid political and personal life stories might increase his followers potentially I think.

So how did reading this book makes you more time-conscious?

You will get a clear idea of how the flow of American political events happened during the first term of Barack Obama from January 20, 2009.

When reading a book creates an advanced thinking process in your brain and you are able to judge the book, can apply the lessons learned in your own practical life, it certainly makes you smarter.

Thus not only reading makes you smarter but also keeps you sharp and increases your analytical ability as you grow.

In other words, books become an integral part of our lives almost like a partner because they tend to build conversations, and conversations are important for a growing mind.

I think reading something seems like watching a movie. This is because as you start reading, your mind develops imagery bringing the characters alive in your mind. The more you read, the better your imagination power would be.

The better your thinking power is, the smarter you will be.

Eventually, it is useful to think of reading not in terms of whether or not it improves intelligence but rather in terms of how it changes the way the brain works.

Reading may not be able to change your basic abilities, but it can increase what facts you know, allow you to better identify patterns, increase your empathy, and make your neurological connections more extensive.

However, it depends on what you read and how you apply it in your life. There is evidence that reading can increase levels of all three major categories of intelligence like ‘Crystallized Intelligence’, ‘Fluid Intelligence’, and ‘Emotional Intelligence.’

When these bits of intelligence grow in a person, he definitely gets smarter which is possible only through reading.

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