April 13, 2021

7 Surprising Facts About Why Reading is Important

Facts About Why Reading is Important

I do believe that the crucial facts about why reading is important the more you read, the more knowledge you acquire. The more knowledge you acquire, the wiser you are. The wiser you are, the more successful person you will be in life.

We can easily understand how important reading is when we start reading in fact, since our birth when we are two or three years old.

We may not always think deeply that reading is so important for us. One thing we know from early childhood is that there is no substitute for reading to be prosperous and successful in life. This reading can be academic studies or any technical studies. But here I will go deeper into seven surprising facts about why reading books is important.

Facts About Why Reading is Important

You are even reading when you want to know facts about why reading is important which signifies the importance of reading. Explaining the fact that reading is so important is a difficult task indeed because the importance of reading cannot be expressed in words. We are reading every day, even every moment, maybe reading newspapers, reading favorite books, reading academic textbooks, or reading books to quench the thirst for knowledge.

There may be hundreds of reasons to read, but here we are focusing on significant facts that may increase your interest in reading more. So let us know those things in more detail.

1. Cognitive Development

The first thing I think most important is your cognitive development. When you read regularly, your knowledge development will reach in such a stage that is difficult to measure.

Reading is proven to improve and support the process of cognitive development. Cognitive development is the emergence of the ability to think and understand. It is about “building thought processes from childhood through adulthood, including memory, problem-solving and decision making”. It refers to how a person perceives and thinks about his world through facts such as information processing, intelligence, reasoning, language development, and memory.

When you begin reading your childhood, it essentially provides background knowledge on your young world, which helps make sense of what you see, hear, and understand.

2. Imagination

By reading, you are exposed to so many wonderful things. This helps your imagination when it comes to creating and thinking. Through reading, you are painting those pictures of the story in your mind. Books can take you anywhere you want to go. Imagination is an important part of our everyday life for all of us.

Reading is one of the best ways to foster imagination power more intense. The more we read, the better we can build up and expand our knowledge. We can be open to new ideas and have an understanding of new things. Reading helps us practice imagination by letting the words describe a certain image while the reader manipulates the picture in the mind. This practice strengthens the mind as it acts like a muscle.

3. Language Skills

You are developing your language knowledge as you read the book because you make clear the meaning of each word while reading the book. You are understanding the meaning of each sentence and you are able to understand what idea the author is expressing. Thus your language skill is going to reach a higher level.

When a child reads a book, when he finds a new word, he writes down the meaning of the word in a notebook. Then they use new words during a conversation.

Reading books with children helps develop their language skills by increasing their exposure to the language. Stories that rhyme is very helpful for teaching speech and language skills and can help children discover a love of language.

4. Entertainment

There is no better option to excite the mind through pure joy by reading books. By reading books we can overcome physical and mental fatigue and refresh ourselves. By reading books we can easily get pure pleasure at low cost.

The joy of reading a book is no less than the joy you enjoy climbing to the top of a high mountain. A great book that opens the door to your knowledge and mind can be no less than conquering the mountains.

“I believe we should spend less time worrying about the quantity of books children read and more time introducing them to quality books that will turn them on to the joy of reading and turn them into lifelong readers.” – James Patterson

5. Get Rid of Misconception

Reading books free us from misconceptions. Misconceptions are facts we think are true but not really. Almost all of us have some kinds of misconceptions. For example- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was not composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

It has been widely whispered that the classic children’s song was composed by the Austrian musician when he was five years old. Actually, it originated from a French folk song that Mozart composed variations of when he was 25 and 26 years old.

The better way to get rid of misconceptions is to keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things all the time.

One of the best ways to learn new things is to read of course. As you read, you’ll come across new information and start to delete old information from your mind that is wrong.

6. Reading is Motivational

We are constantly inspired by reading books which inspires us to move forward. When we read the biography of a famous person, the important events of his life encourage us, motivate us to make great things. We start dreaming of something new. There are thousands of motivational self-help books out there waiting to be read.

These books are explicitly designed to help you get kick-started into improving your life. Motivational self-help books have huge benefits for readers. For instance, motivational books can give you faith that hard work pays off. These books show you that other people have been in your situation and succeeded from there. Teach you about how others achieved success. Show that failure can lead to success, and can give you confidence that you can achieve.

7. Reading Makes You Wiser

The more you read, the wiser you will be. Wisdom is about being able to think, act, and speak with clear and profound insights into phenomena. The wise people are those who have had a lot of experiences and have thought in a lot of depth about life.

Reading books can give you wisdom over time for sure. That’s because you will read about other people’s experiences and insights and you will be able to learn from their wisdom.

Some books have what we call a ‘moral of the story’. The moral of a story is a message or insight about life, ethics, relationships, etc. that you can take with you for the rest of your life. So these facts about why reading is important help us to realize the scenario.

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