6 Best Books on War Strategy

War is a battleground of strategies and techniques to defeat the opposition. When you are in a war commanding your troops or fighting against your enemy you essentially, follow effective war strategies to win over. That’s because the military forces are originally formed to defend their respective counties from external threats. The troops are trained properly to navigate the weapons, survive in tough situations, attack the oppositions, and so on. And everything is executed according to some specific plans and strategies. In this context, in order to learn unbeaten strategies and secret master plans, the best books on war strategy would be great for you for sure.

Best Books on War Strategy

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
The 33 Strategies of War by Robert Greene 9.6 View on Amazon
The Art of War by Sun-Tzu 9.5 View on Amazon
The New Rules of War: How America Can Win–Against Russia, China, and Other Threats by Sean McFate 9.4 View on Amazon
U.S. Army Special Forces Guide to Unconventional Warfare: Devices and Techniques for Incendiaries by Department of the Army 9.3 View on Amazon
Makers of Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear by Peter Paret, Gordon A. Craig, Felix Gilbert 9.2 View on Amazon
The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook: Learn the Survival Techniques and Strategies of America’s Elite Warriors (US Army Survival) by Don Mann & Ralph Pezzullo 9.2 View on Amazon

1. The 33 Strategies of War

This absolutely essential book covers a broad range of strategies to conquer a battle. The subtle explanation of ingenious and effective military principles will lead you towards the success of combats even if you may think a specific fight unwinnable for you. There will remain no suspicion, hesitation, and inferior complexity in your mind when following the provided tactics and maneuvers. Being a conqueror in warfare will seem no longer unattainable as long as you are engrossed in reading such an insightful and literary war strategy book.

It accommodates some secrets of understanding the psychology of opponents. You could magnitude your war plan, boost your audacity, and desist from making wrong decisions with the help of this practical guidebook. Robert Greene, the author of this book incorporates the history of thousands of years of violent conflict to help you respond to the tough situation with boldness. He synthesizes dozens of political, psychological, and religious contexts which caused long-lasting wars long before. So, you could realize what move you need to take into account whenever you’re out there for winning battles.

You will explore some revolutionary instructions to vanquish any enemy. The 33 Strategies of War The book will also aid you to maintain the proper initiative and negotiation to prevail over powerful opposition. It’s obvious that extreme stimulation is inevitable to devise and jump into intense combat. And the book will provide you utmost inspiration, courage, and mental support to become a great warrior leaving all the uncertainties behind. The book will also allow you to read the opposition strategies, sentiment, and move at ease.

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2. The Art of War

The Art of  War embodies a set of principles and strategies to grow the chance of winning military battles. It provides concrete examples of some historical military wars to allow you to capture the overall scenario. With a large number of battle diagrams, the author depicts the most detailed introduction and commentary of warfare. In order to minimize the chance of losing any fight, you need to follow some exclusive techniques. The book unleashes them to increase your chance of military victory. It also focuses on a wide variety of battle diagrams with inclusive reference to growing your war strategic knowledge.

The war stories provided in this book are exceptionally inspirational. You will definitely find new and different experiences in encountering oppositions, no matter how strong they are. It will improve your maneuver and release your vulnerability that may obstruct you to set for a big war. It’s no wonder that strategic analysis is mandatory to prevail over mighty force; therefore, this book talks about this topic extensively to unfold your strategic genius. Securing the throne even at the very first attempt will seem no longer impossible.

You will discover an unimaginable difference in you reading such an intuitive, brain-storming, and conceptual book. It will bring revolution to your leadership skills and incredibly make you braver. You could fight any battle being tricky and sensible. The chance of making unconscious decisions will be decreased as far as you belong to this marvelous book. In addition, the ideas and philosophy of this book will make it pretty brilliant to realize what you need to seize at the time of fighting. Sometimes you need to be offensive and sometimes humble to come with flying color in your war, and this lesion is covered narratively in this book.

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3. The New Rules of War: How America Can Win-Against Russia, China, and Other Threats

Bloody wars take place unexpectedly among the nations. At the present time, enriched weapons have become the criteria of strength of the military force. But the strategy is not less important than weapons at all. You need to have the supreme strategic sense to win over any treats. The ancient rules and tactics of war will not bear fruit in this modern age. This book comprises all the new rules and techniques of military war to enable you to conquer in the horror of battle. The book talks about some unique ideas to allow you to understand the depth and complexity of the current military situation around the globe.

You could study the history of numerous wars and the reasons behind the failure of defeated forces. With the advent of technology, the battleground has been totally changed. The cut-and-dry approaches will no longer benefit you in this technological world. So you need to grab the new and advanced military rules for the present and future military engagement. You will come across all the modern principles of wars to flourish your knowledge and adapt to the conventional combats. This impeccable book will introduce you to the psychological and shadow warfare that are widely pursued around the world.

The book will deter you from jumping into risky and unwinnable combats. Instead, it will guide you towards the strategic move to prevail over the ferocious opponents. Your stature will remain intact and you will never undergo in tragic period if you properly apply the illustrated insight of the book. You will become a philosophical genius and could spark your brilliance at the battleground with the help of this evident book. The irresistible wars could never intimidate you and your subordinate troop.

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4. U.S. Army Special Forces Guide to Unconventional Warfare: Devices and Techniques for Incendiaries

You will find some credible instructions in this book to conquer unconventional warfare. The insight and tactics will let you understand the strategies and rules of combat deeply. You could accomplish what you actually need with the support of this appealing book. Because of brimming with special force secrets, it can play pivotal roles in your military career and allow you to prevail over powerful enemies. You can improve your statute, dignity, and audacity by reading this book.

Understanding the psychology, strength, maneuver, and weakness of opponents is essential to destruct them. Hopefully, this book focuses on these aspects to allow you to let them down. Furthermore, the book talks about some historical points that might teach you some good lessons and enlighten your military potential. The book gives the best depiction of common reasons behind the wars. Also, you could learn the political realism and great themes of wars in this book. It represents the best study of warfare with incisive analysis in order that you become well informed of your responsibilities and actions while you’re on the point of indulging in a war.

The challenges and barriers that may suffer you a lot during the war have been described in the book. It also offers some fascinating fighting techniques that may yet to reveal to you. The provided instructions will ignite your military genius and make you a dedicated warrior. You will know the supplementary war materials that you need to apply such as concentrated sulfuric acid, silver nitrate, gasoline, fire fudge, napalm, and so on. The mechanism of planning offensive war will seem easier to you by looking over every chapter of this book. You could accommodate any situation and become victorious in any battles with the help of such a sparkling book.

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5. Makers of Modern Strategy from Machiavelli to the Nuclear

In this nuclear era, a broad perspective and diverse themes are applied in warfare. You need to learn about the relationship between nuclear weapons and strategies to put back any opponent. To acquire in-depth ideas of the emergence of modern strategies weapons, you can take help from this that is one of the best books on war strategy due to its interaction of the theories and experience over the military wars. You will be able to analyze the techniques of several conflicts through this great book. Besides, you could find clear conceptions of the powerful military forces and their maneuver.

As it specifies the military thought and actions vividly, you could explore the strategic characteristics, political moves, and social functions of some high-rank military officers. Most importantly, you could reflect on the philosophy, views, and war principles of world-famous warriors reading such an excellent book. It illuminates and interprets some revolutionary wars in order that you can grab some exclusive ideas and tactics. Along with fighting strategies, the book will contribute a lot to bring out the leader in you. It will guide you on how to become a good commander and lead others in your own style.

Apart from discussing the past war scenarios, it focuses on the future theory and practice of war that you need to learn. To achieve potential favor over your opponents, you need to become extremely aggressive and ruthless. The book will instruct you on those prosecutions with clear explanations. The authors wisely demonstrate the complexities of strategies in order that you never stumble in the future. They also talk about the importance of being integrated with politics in an authoritative and convincing approach.

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6. The U.S. Navy SEAL Survival Handbook: Learn the Survival Techniques and Strategies of America’s Elite Warriors

It’s an amazing book for the individuals who are involved in military force. The book comes with definitive guidelines to allow the military personnel to cope up with any type of combat. Very few books contain useful resources and strategies for wars like it. The inclusion of excellent fear management tricks puts it in high demand among the warriors. This comprehensive guidebook includes life-saving information through some color photographs. From basic camp craft to maneuver, you will find everything you need to win over big threats.

It will instruct you on how to apply your weapons and make necessary tools at the time of warfare. Moreover, the book will offer you a clear conception of military signaling that plays a vital role in the success of a battle. Making the requisite shelter and managing food are two of the most important tasks that you need to carry out to survive in the remote war with no personal gear. That’s why the book focuses on these to ensure optimal protection and safety during the fighting period. You will also find the techniques of sea survival in case you have to fight on the sea.

The understanding of the nature of war will become easier for you with the help of this book. Most importantly, it will give you the ideas of guerrilla warfare principles to defend yourself and humiliate your foes. Apart from war, you could adapt to any sort of natural disaster whenever you’re out for training or camping. From the basic fundamental strategies to nuclear strategies, the author walks through everything to prepare you for the upcoming battles. It will allow you to acquire a strategic sense to observe what’s happening in your opposition camp.

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The Bottom Line

Warfare is irresistible and exhaustive. The possibility of winning a bloody war entirely depends upon how smartly the leaders make decisions, handle the nervous situations, form the plans, and utilize the resources. All these are performed as per some specific strategies. That’s why the army officers need to sharpen the most effective war strategies. It’s vital; therefore there is no chance of being callous. As you’re interested to flourish your knowledge with the new rules and tactics of war, one of the best books on military war strategy can be well fit for you. Through great books, you can learn all the conventional and new principles and tricks of fighting wars.

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