5 Best Books on Quantum Computing

We are essentially living in a new era of computation. The integration of science and technology is making our life easier and more blessed. And the theories and laws of quantum computing are being applied in the revolution of computer technology. If you aspire to explore the principles of quantum computing, you may take help from one of the best books on quantum computing. A great book can significantly aid you to understand all the complex topics and apply them practically.

As a large number of books are available out there, it will seem a bit challenging to choose the ideal one. You will struggle in arriving at the final decision since all the books will seem identical to you. However, you will be pleased to go through the reviews of some of the first-rate books right now in the market from the crowd that can help you in reaching your goal.

Best Books on Quantum Computing

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Fundamentals of Quantum Computing: Theory and Practice by Venkateswaran Kasirajan 9.8 View on Amazon
Quantum Computing for Everyone (Mit Press) by Chris Bernhardt 9.0 View on Amazon
Dancing with Qubits: How Quantum Computing Works and How It Can Change the World by Robert S. Sutor 9.2 View on Amazon
Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists by Yanofsky, Noson S., Mannucci, Mirco A. 9.0 View on Amazon
Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach by Jack D. Hidary 9.0 View on Amazon

1. Fundamentals of Quantum Computing: Theory and Practice

It’s an introductory book on quantum computing. The book covers essential math and quantum mechanics in detail. You will gain complete knowledge of the core principles of quantum computing algorithms through this fundamental book. The step-by-step derivation of math and source code will enable you to strengthen your understanding of such a complicated subject. All the chapters will take you through the deeper practical approach of modern quantum computing.

You will learn the latest development of quantum programming with its end-of-chapter exercises. The entire book is designed with intuitive examples and illustrations to clarify the complex concepts. It includes a chapter on adiabatic and topological quantum computing. Through the book, you could acquire a good command of four leading qubits modalities such as trapped-ion, superconducting transmons, topological qubits, and quantum dots deeply.

It will teach you how a quantum computer works underhood and devise efficient algorithms and error correction codes. To make the discussion complete, the book explains fault-tolerant quantum computing. It focuses on the universal gate model of quantum computing, quantum annealing, quantum parallelism, quantum superposition principle, and quantum entanglement. Moreover, you will have clear concepts of quantum interference, quantum teleportation, no-cloning theorem, and many more major topics through this book.

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2. Quantum Computing for Everyone (MIT Press)

Quantum Computing for Everyone will make you eligible to get engaged in the ocean of quantum computation, explaining all the crucial topics comprehensively. You will acquire clear concepts of all the major principles of quantum computing through this elementary book. It will enable you to explore an entirely new way of thinking about computation, incorporating some of the most stunning and immersive scientific ideas. You will find clear concepts of quantum gates, the speed of quantum algorithms, and classical computing logic.

Chris Bernhardt, the author of this book simplifies the complex mathematical terms and equations in this book. He illustrates both how mathematics works and what it actually means in this excellent book.  You will become comfortable with your university mathematics, having guidance from the basic unit of this quantum computing book. In this book, you will learn the principles of qubits, entanglement, quantum teleportation, and other quantum-related topics. A clear discussion of quantum cryptography will grow your understanding significantly.

You will discover the difference between quantum and classical computing. In addition, the book will allow you to experiment with the practical application of quantum computing. A clear and comprehensible discussion on the complex topics will aid you most to pursue a higher degree in quantum computing. You could grasp how the qubit can be measured through this masterpiece. At the end of this book, you will understand that quantum computing is the fundamental form of computing and everything will seem accessible to you.

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3. Dancing with Qubits: How Quantum Computing Works and How It Can Change the World

It’s one of the best books on quantum computing. You will have the full description of classical computing and mathematics that are essential for diving into the theorem of quantum computing. The book will allow you to master the necessary math concepts to interact with current computing technology. You could learn why computer technology is beneficial to human civilization and explore the inner working of quantum computing technology. The book will also provide you with clear concepts of how to process complex cloud data and solve problems.

You will acquire a solid understanding of the concepts of superposition, interference, and entanglement. Moreover, this book will enable you to have a good command of sophisticated computer circuits and algorithms. It will guide you to understand the further development of computer technology and how it may affect you. You will explore the engineering ideas behind the building of quantum computing hardware through this book. It will allow you to experiment with the principles of the no-cloning theorem, quantum teleportation, and quantum parallelism as clearly as possible.

You will discover the mind-bending and complex mechanics that genuinely underpin quantum systems. Most noticeably, the book will allow you to gain clear concepts about the applications of quantum computing in the field of artificial intelligence, scientific computing, and data science. As each topic is explained in an easy-to-comprehend writing tone and huge examples, you could absorb everything with no barrier. You will have a massive number of question answers related to quantum computing in this significant book.

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4. Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists

Having a strong understanding of the basic quantum theories such as quantum states, observables, dynamics, measuring, assembling quantum systems, and so on is essential to becoming a computer scientist. And this eminent quantum computing book explains all of them to allow you to have a good command of computer technology. The book portrays complex mathematical terms, circuit analysis, classical logic, and algorithms to allow you to acquire a deep understanding of quantum computing. It demonstrates the relation of quantum computing with other scientific subjects.

In this book, you will discover the difference between classical and quantum computing. It will enable you to learn about the science behind the building of computer hardware and software. You will become well-versed in programming as the book covers vast source codes. You will have a good command of quantum assembly programming, higher-level quantum programming, and theoretical computer science through this book. In addition, it covers deeply the basics of classical cryptography, information entropy, and quantum data compression to offer you deep insight into computer science.

You will learn the goal and challenges of quantum hardware, models of computation, and error-correcting codes through this book. The book will also guide you towards the quantum computing experiments with MATLAB. You could understand the future of quantum ware and quantum teleportation through this introductory book. All the topics are described in an easy-to-understand approach in order that you can properly grasp them. You will encounter no odds while reading the book since a massive number of examples are included throughout the book.

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5. Quantum Computing: An Applied Approach

If you’re in quest of the best quantum computing books for beginners, you can take a deep insight into this book. The book will provide you with an applied approach to quantum computing and allow you to discover its contribution to the advancement of computer technology. You will have the foundation of quantum computing with the hands-on coding approach in this book. Moreover, the book will teach you the quantum circuits, mathematics, and algorithms of this emerging scientific field with in-depth explanations.

This book integrates a wide range of quantum computing methods that are essential for the current world. You will find all the resources to master quantum computing in this book. It also outlines the concept of theoretical computer science and the model of computation. The approach of building and assessing a quantum computer will be clear to you with the guidance of this book. In addition, the book will teach you the theories of time complexity, quantum operators, entanglement, superposition, and reversibility.

It will also present you with concepts of quantum simulation, tensor network, optimization, probability distributions, and linear algebra with quantum computers. You could realize how quantum theories are used in the field of research, data science, and artificial intelligence. The book will also teach you the quantum-specific protocols and data-positioning system. It’s suitable for both corporate technical training and academic coursework. So you could walk through the mystery of quantum computing through this book.

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The Bottom Line

The application of quantum computing in the technological field is growing remarkably. Human civilization is rewarding the benefits of the theories of quantum computing to a great extent. That’s why people are being inclined to this scientific field. If you’re attempting to boost your knowledge with the principles of quantum computing, you may eye for pursuing a higher degree in this subject.

No matter whether you’re obtaining an academic degree or not, a substantial book is enough for having a complete foundation on quantum computing. You may look for one of the best books on quantum computing to comprehend the complex theories and principles of the subject.

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