5 Best Books on Music Composition

When you are passionate about music and have a desire to be a great music composer, you essentially need to study the best books on music composition that can make the biggest impact on you. From all the viewpoints, it’s a landmark decision so far. You will have all the essential rules, guides, and strategies on music composition through great music composition books.

Now your high priority is to find out an effective good book that will help you to gain mastery in music creation. Finding the right book for you might be a challenging task as there are so many books out there on the subject. It’s time you can spare all of the concerns from your head and scroll down here for a while to get the book you are looking for.

Best Books on Music Composition

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Musical Composition: Craft and Art by Alan Belkin 9.4 View on Amazon
Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Music Notation (Faber Edition) by Elaine Gould 9.4 View on Amazon
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Composition by Michael Miller 9.2 View on Amazon
Fundamentals of Musical Composition by Arnold Schoenberg 9.4 View on Amazon
Music Composition For Dummies by Scott Jarrett & Holly Day 9.5 View on Amazon

1. Musical Composition: Craft and Art

It’s an amazing book on music composition. The aim of this book is to introduce the principles and techniques of music to young musicians. Alan Belkin, the honorable composer of this book moved in a strategic approach to stimulus beginners to master music. He dug into the useful suggestions on varieties of musical styles. By reading this book, you could absorb the art of structuring music. The book will make you competent for finding your own voice rather than emulating other composers.

You will obtain indispensable guidelines on connecting and developing sublime musical ideas through this excellent book. Building a climax will seem easier to you if you can seize the provided musical laws of this great book. It will allow you to utilize a style-neutral approach to discover harmony in your music. From concern pieces to film scores, you will become a gem of composing all genres of music with the help of this fantastic guidebook. It will influence you to find out the heart-touching melody over time.

Finding an exact rhythm is a prerequisite to becoming a music composer- and surprisingly it discusses the most appropriate methods of having the right rhythms for every piece of music. Each chapter explains the process of composition in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can easily grab them. You will have the ideas of singing, playing, punctuating, presenting, one-part forms, ternary forms, and binary forms through this book. In addition, it will demonstrate the process of connecting, beginning, exploring, progressing, returning, ending, refinements, and more essential parts of musical composition.

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2. Behind Bars: The Definitive Guide to Music Notation

Behind Bars is a classic musical composition book. It covers the process of building a strong musical foundation deeply. You could compose dignified and magnificent music without imitating other composers by reading this potential book. The book explains the methods of musical empowerment from basic. It breaks down the complex principles in an easy-to-comprehend manner to encourage you. You will get an inclusive grounding in music notation principles through this fabulous book.

The book will acquaint you with the new standard of musical composition. You could find the exact route to write your own music with much clarity and precision. Most importantly, it will support you to be a devotee in the field of music by offering the optimal concepts of harmony, melody, and rhythms. Its soft-copy is available out there. Thanks to the assortment of immense technical exercises as you could sharpen your understanding through them. Each chapter includes some additional suggestions and visual illustrations.

The author of this book discussed deeply the modes, scales, and chords that are deployed in modern music. You will have the concepts of trills, dotted notes, accidentals, key signatures, dynamics and articulation, grace notes, and more. In addition, it explains the principles of preparing music, score layout, electroacoustic music, woodwind and brass, keyboard, strings, harp, and so on. The compelling writing tone and updated information will aid you most to explore the ultimate success of music.

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3. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Music Composition

You will have the complete guide on music composition through this masterpiece. It delves from basic to advance to sharpen your musical understanding to a remarkable margin. You will attain a good command over music composition through its constructive instructions. The book includes all the proven techniques and laws of music to enable you to dominate in the musical field. It integrates the secret behind the musical success and approach to finding the right melodies. You will become proficient in finding the exclusive rhythms and harmony through this book.

You could create more advanced and sophisticated chord progressions if you can follow the directions of this great book. It will enable you to use different scales and modes to write up an excellent piece of music. As it incorporates a comprehensive glossary of musical terms, you will become fluent in all sorts of musical forms. You will become adept in orchestration, themes, variations, syncopation, and more core musical substances through it. No matter which type of music you prefer, it’s designed for composers of all genres of music.

The easy-to-understand, concise, and step-by-step discussion of each topic will expand your musical dominance dramatically. You could easily absorb the music composition skills with the help of an abundance collection of exercises. It will allow you to create a longer composition and employ repetition. Besides, you will come across the ideas of polytonality, atonality, indeterminacy, minimalism, and other experimental musical forms. It will help you to choose the right instrument for the specific music.

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4. Fundamentals of Musical Composition

As you’re in quest of the best books on music composition, you may check out this book. It covers all the major concepts of creating mind-blowing rhythms. You could learn the most suitable melody, build the most sophisticated chord progressions, and utilize exact syncopation through this premium book. The book will show you how to shape a melody, build tension and release, and employ repetition and variation in order to compose great music. It will instruct you on the process of composing music in a systematic way by following all the musical principles.

Almost all the necessary technical matters are presented in the book to develop your musical foundation. The author researched and analyzed deeply to present you with the exact scenario of compositional problems and effective solutions. You, by no means, will stumble in the way of your musical career if you abide by the discussed techniques and instructions. The author focused on almost all music genres to empower your musical understanding. It’s essentially applicable to all sorts of musical personalities. You will find music composing ideas from smaller to larger scales through it.

The simple, concise, and engaging writing manner put it highly favorable among music enthusiasts. One of the unique features of this book is the elaborate discussion of some updated topics. Most notably, it will enable you to create a multiple-voice composition. Besides, you could work outside the basic keys and compose with chords by dint of this extraordinary book.

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5. Music Composition For Dummies

It can be your best guide to prevail in the art of music. You could create immersive and exclusive music without the help of others by keeping all the directions of this book in mind. Your musical ambition will come true if you follow the provided techniques and principles of music accordingly. The book will boost up your musical thinking through integrated theories and exercises. It will maximize your confidence to head over to the upper stage of musical composition overnight.

To be honest, it will formalize your knowledge with professional musical vocabulary. In addition, it will allow you to choose the right rhythms and tempos. You could easily create melodies and chord progressions through this significant music learning aid. Working with instruments and voices will seem something always reachable to you. You will get ideas of matching keys and chords to mood. Most notably, the book will show you the exact form of enhancing your creativity and writing music in different styles.

In addition, it will help you to translate your musical ideas directly from your head to paper. Being a professional composer will seem no further if you keep practicing with this distinguished book. It will acquaint you with the disciplines you need to hit the pinnacle of musical success. You will get access to the sublime stage of musical creation through its step-by-step guidelines. It will help you contribute to the TV, film, advertising, and other creative industries. The in-depth explanation of all the updated music compositional concepts makes it one of the best music composition books.

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The Bottom Line

Composing music is all about applying your creativity. You are bound to synthesize the appropriate words to create something appealing. Besides, you need to translate your musical ideas into writing compliant rhythms. There are some principles and techniques that need to absorb to do well in this platform. You need to follow them to become well-versed in composing music in different styles and variations.

It’s obvious that you have to hit the right notes to become confident with your composed pieces of music. In this case, you need to pursue both a music teacher and studying great books. It seems easy and favorable enough to take assistance from a book that covers everything in detail. You will find everything you need to push your career to the next level through music theory books.

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