5 Best Books on Military Leadership

We know that great leaders are not born, they are made. Leadership is a unique skill that can’t be achieved without much effort and experience. And the requisite expertise comes from some psychological and physical approaches which are found in a great leader. Reading and following the best books on military leadership can be the right way to improve leadership skills in case you’re committed to becoming a distinguished leader. You could attain all the leadership skills including integrity, decisiveness, dependability, problem-solving, relationship building, and so on through a great military leadership book.

So you may essentially look for effective books on military leadership which can make a notable change in your personality, attitude, behavior, and other moral qualities. You will definitely find the strategies and ideas you’re seeking in the following books.

Best Books on Military Leadership

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead by Jim Mattis & Bing West 9.5 View on Amazon
Walk in My Combat Boots: True Stories from America’s Bravest Warriors by James Patterson, Matt Eversmann, Chris Mooney 9.3 View on Amazon
Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor by Clinton Romesha 9.6 View on Amazon
The Mission, the Men, and Me: Lessons from a Former Delta Force Commander by Pete Blaber 9.4 View on Amazon
Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime by Eliot A. Cohen 9.2 View on Amazon

1. Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead

The book focuses on a wide range of military roles which are essential for a military officer to command his subordinate troops. It’s compiled with the challenges and techniques of leadership at various stages. Jim Mattis and Bing West, the authors of this amazing book describe the skills and qualities required for becoming a good leader to lead thousands of troops. They also explain the mental, emotional, and physical abilities of a genius commander. Based on their real-life experience, they provide tips on how to bring out the leader in you and develop your must-have leadership skills.

In this significant book, you will find some pieces of advice on how to prepare your troops for upcoming combat. It will teach you how to gain possession over others by reading their mind. The book will enable you to think about everything from others’ perspectives and get connected with others in no time. Moreover, it will guide you on how to get along with people applying your own leadership philosophy. As the book is loaded with some persuasive ideas and tactics of military leadership, you will come across no hindrance to establishing yourself to be one of the best leaders in the era.

You could effortlessly pinpoint where complexity reigns in the field of leadership with the help of this excellent book. The consequence of imprudence in warfare is severe, and this book will hint you how to get off making the wrong decisions while fighting inconclusive wars. It will show you how to gain the utmost confidence and competitive fire to be at your best when you need to be. In order to ignite your passion and maximize your ambition, the book combines the immense emotional intelligence works which can make a remarkable difference in your military journey. You can watch here the interview Jim Mattis on Call Sign Chaos: Learning to Lead.

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2. Walk in My Combat Boots: True Stories from America’s Bravest Warriors

A true leader should have his respective leadership style to continue winning battles. He needs to have far-sighted thinking and a clear vision to command the troops and make them understand him. And this book portrays these aspects along with some real-world examples and experiences to guide you towards the roadmap of becoming a successful military leader. It’s designed with some exceptional techniques and strategies of leadership to allow you to manage different people in different styles. You will turn into a brave warrior, no matter how challenging your goal is with the instruction of this great book.

Based on the personality, skill, and attitude of your subordinate troops, you could command them to achieve their desired mission. James Patterson, the author of the book shares his real-world experience on how to become an intellectual, sensible, valiant, and determined army officer. As he focuses on a bunch of true purposes of a military leader, you could acquire superior proficiency in handling tough situations and managing your troop. By all means, you will be skilled in understanding the morale, courage, and ambition of your soldiers through this outstanding guidebook.

Meanwhile, the book covers a holistic, principle-centered, and integrated approach to solving your personal problems and weak areas. So you will have a huge advantage to rectify yourself and improve the necessary leadership areas. The present-day leadership challenges are increasing considerably- that’s why it emphasizes the existence complexities along with their actual solutions. In essence, the book offers everything you need to boost your leadership ability and ambition in a structured, easy-to-understand, and engaging writing format.

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3. Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor

Red Platoon is designed with current, relevant, and effective leadership concepts. It applies to every aspirant leader to get some incredible things done inside an organization or military camp. You had better look over every single chapter of this book to flourish your leadership knowledge and expertise. The book, in fact, will enable you to mobilize your soldiers and build loyalty to them. There will be no obstacle in winning every combat if you can detect the tactical vulnerabilities and thankfully the book breaks down this aspect with much clearance.

Having the ability to smart maneuver is a must for a good military officer irrespective of rank. And that’s why the book focuses on it to make your defense stronger and braver. Giving clear expectations, fixing bad behavior, and providing continuous feedback are three of the most influential qualities of a great military officer. Therefore, the book interprets them with an in-depth discussion to make you a high-rank army officer. It also incorporates some extraordinary resources and guidelines to benefit you. The author composed this book in a clear and concise writing style.

The writing approach is also attractive and interesting. So you will surely be tempted to read the whole book on your first attempt. After reading the book completely, you will become ready to concede utmost sacrifice for your country by making your subordinate troops more tactical, devoted, and obedient. Bringing out your military leadership competence will be much easier if you can adhere to the principles of this great book. The challenges and barriers will give in to your morale and composure in case you start acting upon the book.

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4. The Mission, the Men, and Me: Lessons from a Former Delta Force Commander

You will for sure be pleased to learn the military leadership tactics and skillsets from a veteran delta force commander. It’s no longer merely a dream since you’ve already gained the proximity of such an amazing book. You may commence reading this book to improve your military expertise and promote your rank. This book will give real-life ideas and concepts to ignite your military talent and lead others in the right order. Moreover, it will introduce you to some secret strategies which you may have not yet experienced in the short journey of your military career.

Due to its practical and psychological instructions, it can be claimed to be one of the best books on military leadership. From the extreme physical training to the decision-making tactics, it covers everything you need to reinforce your military leadership expertise. Moreover, in this book, you will come across some effective guides on how to overcome the potential challenges in the near future. Along with stabilizing your career, every lesson of this book will contribute a lot to improving your dignity, nobility, composure, calmness, and other moral qualities that you indeed need to dominate.

Getting the soldiers to know you, like you, and rely on you is inevitable to lead them. To do so you need to appreciate their good works and build a strong but loyal relationship with them. And gratefully this book points out these steps in a smart and effective method to elevate your leadership skills. Drawing on a wide variety of real-life stories, the author makes the book one of the must-have tools for military personnel who have an intense thirst for being a good leader.

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5. Supreme Command: Soldiers, Statesmen, and Leadership in Wartime

You could pass all the controversial examinations in your military career and push your rank to the upper level within a short time with the help of this impactful book. The lack of experience can no longer embarrass you on the way of your military journey as long as this book will be closer to you. Building a good relationship with politicians, senior officers, and junior troops will seem easier to you in case you comply with the provided tips and principles of this great book. You could cope with any challenges and adjust to new environments at ease by dint of such an effective book.

It can be claimed as the remediation of an army officer like you who is striving for obtaining the status of giving supreme commands. Your appetite for leading people will surely come true if you can properly execute the given plans. You need to apply the ideas differently considering the situations and the personalities of people around you. As it covers up to five levels of leadership, it can be a game-changer for you. Most surprisingly, this book will let you motivate your subordinate soldiers to succeed where they might fail.

In addition, you could encourage your troops to accept challenges and be devoted to taking timely actions. In fact, you can explore some brainstorming arguments which can make a notable difference in your military career. You will find some creative and innovative ways to hit the pinnacle of your military leadership success through this groundbreaking book. It’s a practical, concise, and engaging writing approach you could digest every point at ease. You will have triumphed in varied military campaigns before long with the help of this tremendous book.

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The Bottom Line

A leadership book can bring about a significant change in the way you think. With the help of a potential book, you can acquire all the qualities, skillsets, and credentials to turn into a great leader. Since you’re aiming to level up your military leadership expertise, you can count upon one of the best books on military leadership here. It’s no matter how you’ve led before and what’s your rank, you may proceed with a quality book to reach your long-cherished goal.

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