April 13, 2021

7 Best Physics Textbook for High School

Best Physics Textbook for High School

In order to acquire the core knowledge and understanding of physics at the high school level, you essentially need to study the Best Physics Textbook for High School. By reading these books you can increase the depth of your knowledge about physics as well as accomplish academic studies for an outstanding grade. Here is some essential physics textbook for high school students from a myriad of physics books by renowned scholars and authors that I recommend to read will be of great help in mastering the subject matter properly.

Best Physics Textbook for High School

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Must-Know High School Physics by Christopher Bruhn 4.6 View on Amazon
Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide by Karl F. Kuhn 4.5 View on Amazon
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Physics by Sterling Education 4.5 View on Amazon
Physics Essentials For Dummies by Steven Holzner 4.5 View on Amazon
Physics I For Dummies (Lifestyle) by Steven Holzner 4.5 View on Amazon
Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics, Relativity, and Thermodynamics by R. Shankar 4.6 View on Amazon
The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe by Roger Penrose 4.6 View on Amazon

1. Must Know High School Physics

The book conspicuously explains the must-know ideas behind a physics subject-matter and these concepts will help you solve the physics problems practically that you find in your classwork and on exams.

Each chapter ensures that everything you really need to know is clear and you have made it based on this knowledge sees where other books may ask you to memorize stuff, this book shows you the essential ideas that will lead you to success in physics.

Great textbook for learning or strengthening high school physics concepts and calculations. Must-Know High School Physics by Christopher Bruhn is good and easy to follow examples with illustrations. The In-Real-Life (IRLs) comments throughout the book tie together physics with everyday observations and questions. The must-know ideas in this book will have you up and solving physics problems in no time indeed.

This is an essential read for you because it offers great things to learn in high school. You will get inside the book:

  1. More than 250 practice questions that mirror what you will find in your classwork and on exams.
  2. A bonus app with over 100 flashcards that will reinforce what you’ve learned.
  3. Extensive examples that drive home essential concepts.
  4. An easy-access setup that allows you to jump in and out of physics.
  5. Physics topics aligned with national and state education standards.
  6. Special help for more challenging physics subjects, including electromagnetism, projectile motion, and energy transfer.

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2. Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide

The real reason why I do suggest Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide as the best physics textbook for high school, it is the fast, easy way to master the fundamentals of physics.

The Basic Physics covers the most practical, complete, and easy-to-use guide available for understanding physics and the physical world.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a physics student, this book helps make learning key concepts a pleasure, not a chore. Whether you need help in a course, want to review the basics for an exam, or simply have always been curious about such physical phenomena as energy, sound, electricity, light, and color, read this book first.

  1. The book has been tested, rewritten, and retested to ensure that you can teach yourself all about physics.
  2. It requires no math, mathematical treatments and applications are included in optional sections so that you can choose either a mathematical or nonmathematical approach.
  3. It lets you work at your own pace with a helpful question-and-answer format.
  4. The book lists objectives for each chapter you can skip ahead or find extra help if you need it.
  5. Reinforces what you learn with end-of-chapter self-tests.
The fully updated edition retains the unique feature, the interactive, self-teaching technique that offers readers frequent questions and problems to respond to increasing both learning speed and retention. The textbook contains fresh examples and new applications such as the now-common use of fiber optics.

3. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Physics

This clearly explained the physics textbook is a perfect guide for anyone who wants to be knowledgeable about standard college physics topics from the foundations of Newtonian physics to atomic and nuclear theories.

As it navigates through the material, it provides readers with the information necessary to define and understand physics concepts. Students will also develop the ability to comprehend basic physical laws that govern our universe as well as skills to apply theoretical knowledge to solving conceptual and quantitative problems.

This book was designed for those who want to develop a better understanding of our physical universe, as well as the relationships between different laws of physics.

The content focuses on an essential review of all major physics theories, principles, and experimental approaches.

You will learn about kinematics and dynamics, statics and equilibrium, foundations of gravity, energy, work, sound and light, electricity and magnetism, basic principles of atomic physics as well as heat and thermodynamics.

The book also describes all major topics covered in a standard college physics course and walks you through solving different types of problems. So read it and develop and increase your understanding of how physical phenomena continuously intersect with our daily life.

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4. Physics Essentials For Dummies

For students who just need to know the vital concepts of physics, whether as a refresher, for exam preparation, or as a reference, Physics Essentials For Dummies is a must-read textbook guide. It contains content focused on key topics only.

The book in fact provides discrete explanations of critical concepts taught in an introductory physics course from force and motion to momentum and kinetics. This guide is also a perfect reference for parents who need to review critical physics concepts as they help high school students with homework assignments as well as for adult learners headed back to the classroom who just need a refresher of the core concepts.

This is an easy-to-understand review guide that covers an entire course by concentrating solely on the most important concepts from algebra and chemistry to grammar.

You can discover how physics plays into every aspect of the world around you as well as explore displacement, speed, velocity, and acceleration and learn how they fit together.

What You Will Learn by Reading this Book

  • The fundamentals of force, work, and energy.
  • How to connect physics laws with the real world.
  • Key concepts in quick, focused lessons.
  • How to work with vectors.
  • Straight talk on circular motion.
  • Gravity and friction.
  • Force and the laws of motion.
  • Work, energy, and power.

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5. Physics I For Dummies (Lifestyle)

Physics I For Dummies tracks specifically to an introductory course and, keeping with the traditionally easy-to-follow Dummies style, teaches you the basic principles and formulas in a clear and concise manner, proving that you don’t have to be Einstein to understand physics.

If just thinking about the laws of physics makes your head spin, this hands-on, friendly guide gets you out of the black hole and sheds light on this often-intimidating subject.

Physics I For Dummies is the best physics textbook for high school as it comes to teach and-

  1. Explains the basic principles in a simple, clear, and entertaining fashion.
  2. The New edition includes updated examples and explanations as well as the newest discoveries in the field.
  3. It contains the newest teaching techniques.
  4. Clear, concise explanations of formulas.
  5. Learn about motion, force, work, and heat.
  6. Connect physics concepts with the real world

Inside the Book, You will Learn

  • Measuring displacement.
  • Gravity and friction.
  • Turning energy into work.
  • Rotational motion.
  • Systems of measurement.
  • Simple explanations of Newton’s laws.
  • Fluids, flow, and pressure.
  • The laws of thermodynamics.

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6. Fundamentals of Physics I: Mechanics, Relativity, and Thermodynamics

In this concise book, R. Shankar, a well‑known physicist, and contagiously enthusiastic educator explain the essential concepts of Newtonian mechanics, special relativity, waves, fluids, thermodynamics, and statistical mechanics.

It is complete with problem sets and answers for course use or self‑study. This work provides an ideal introduction for college‑level students of physics, chemistry, and engineering, for AP Physics students, and for general readers interested in advances in the sciences.

The book begins at the simplest level, develops the basics, and reinforces fundamentals, ensuring a solid foundation in the principles and methods of physics.

The one downside is that it covers only mechanics and thermal physics. The sections are all very clearly written and most of the book could be read and understood by someone in the second year of A levels who are also taking mathematics.

The chapters on statistical mechanics make it much easier to understand what is going on as compared to the standard university texts. There is a final treatment of Gibbs’ approach with a really nice derivation of the Boltzmann distribution.

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7. The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe

From the very first attempts by the Greeks to grapple with the complexities of our known world to the latest application of infinity in physics, The Road to Reality carefully explores the movement of the smallest atomic particles and reaches into the vastness of intergalactic space.

Here, Penrose examines the mathematical foundations of the physical universe, exposing the underlying beauty of physics and giving us one of the most important works in modern science writing.

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