7 Best High School Math Books

Mathematics is such an amazing and enjoyable subject at the high school level that makes you feel better day by day when you get clear the core concepts. The subject will provide you with even more pleasure while you would be able to solve your real-life practical problems by applying academic knowledge along with practicing textbook problem-solving. With a view to making mathematics as interesting as playing your favorite game you essentially need to study the best high school math books as your academic studies go.

So, here I come up with some of the mathematics books for high school students which would be your best help as these books are written by some of the brilliant and award-winning teachers.

Best High School Math Books

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook: The Complete Middle School Study Guide by Workman Publishing 9.2 View on Amazon
The Common Core Mathematics Companion by Frederick L. Dillon, W. Gary Martin, Basil M. Conway, Marilyn E. Strutchens 9.0 View on Amazon
Mastering Essential Math Skills: 20 Minutes a Day to Success: Middle Grades/High School by Richard W. Fisher 9.2 View on Amazon
High School Algebra I Unlocked: Your Key to Mastering Algebra I by The Princeton Review 8.8 View on Amazon
High School Geometry Unlocked: Your Key to Mastering Geometry by The Princeton Review 8.8 View on Amazon
Calculus For Dummies (Lifestyle) by Mark Ryan 9.0 View on Amazon
Trigonometry Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers: Master Basic Trig Skills by Chris McMullen 8.8 View on Amazon

1. Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook

Indeed, high school math made simple One Big Fat Notebook, and therefore it is an essential textbook for studying math. It contains everything you need to know about math and guidelines on how you should study it.

It helps students to overcome mathematical problems very well and make sense in a simple way about the basic ideas of decimals, fractions, and the techniques of dividing and multiplying them.

The series named The BIG FAT NOTEBOOK is created based on an irresistible yet simple concept which is borrowing the book from the smart kid in class.

There are mainly five books in total in this series. You need each book to learn each concept. There are Math, English language, Science, American History, and World History.

The entire theme and teaching process are simple and easy to understand for you. You will find the main concept of the book well summarized in order to get the highlighted ideas easily.

Further, it’s easy to find those ideas as these are covered with bold, neon colors. All the things make the learning process fun. Therefore, we regard it as one of the best high school math books.

Why should you get The Big Fat Notebook?

There are several reasons and features of it as you will learn the following concepts such as:

  1. Multiplication and division
  2. Geometry
  3. Equations and expressions
  4. Coordinate plane and functions
  5. Getting exact percentages and proportions
  6. Statistics and probability

Moreover, this book meets the common core state standard that makes it the basic mathematics textbook. It has the next generation science standards that make it a better one than others. The state history standards are also included. This book is evaluated by national and state teachers of the year awards winning teachers. This nook is an ideal one for the inside growing of a child on Brain Quest.

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2. The Common Core Mathematics Companion

In fact, The Common Core Mathematics brings high school mathematics success is at your fingertips. The Common Core Mathematics Companion is considered the best resource in order to make critical mathematics easy to learn and teach.

Students can learn all the processes easily. Moreover, it has some extra facilities in this new volume for high school students can get their mathematics done with this book.

Several authors write this textbook. They give an in-depth explanation of the mathematics to make things easier to understand, even if these are tough. So, we think it is the best book to learn about high school mathematics in real.

Besides, it can show the conceptual category and its mathematical progression. It gives both students and teachers an idea of how they should do everything every day to get the best learning.

The authors describe things in a particular way to make the things standard and simple to understand as well. It can give you an in-depth explanation of high school mathematics. The regular study can give you faster deep learning. Making critical math ideas easy to understand. Showing the mathematical progression of each conceptual category.

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3. Mastering Essential Math Skills: 20 Minutes a Day to Success

For students who are in search of the best high school math books, Mastering Essential Math Skills is recommended as it offers to learn the following basic things well.

  1. Integers
  2. Fractions
  3. Percents
  4. Geometry
  5. Charts and Graphs
  6. Decimals
  7. Whole Numbers
  8. Word Problems

Each session in this book has a problem-solving technique. Solutions are included for each session, several examples with step-by-step solutions. All the lessons appear in a certain format for easy understanding for everyone. All the lessons are precise, to the point, and not too long.

This book comes with online video tutorials. These videos are free to watch. The tutorials are considered award-winning videos of all. Besides, it also comes on DVDs. So, you can watch it offline too. Those who don’t have online accessibility can watch it.

If you are facing problems in mathematics, and need something to get a basic idea about it, then this book is perfect for you.

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4. High School Algebra I Unlocked: Your Key to Mastering Algebra I

This High School Algebra I Unlocked offers you some excellent techniques to solve your problem with algebra easily. It’s quite easy to learn as there are step-by-step instructions attached. That’s why it will be much easier to understand than any other common book.

This High School series book focuses on the ideas of some interesting key techniques that surely help you more with a wide range of it to discover too. That’s why you can go with another technique if the previous one doesn’t work for you. Although Algebra is tough enough to understand, you can get out of it and understand it quickly.

In addition, the book helps to know the links between abstract ideas and real-world applications that improve your skill tremendously. It has step-by-step instructions. There are several sample problems for all topics for quick understanding. You can solve critical concepts in a simple way. There are ACT and SAT-like questions for getting more experience.

You will learn by reading about this book:

  1. Systems of equations
  2. Polynomial expressions
  3. Functions
  4. Conversions, displaying, and unit data
  5. Sequences
  6. Exponents
  7. Quadratic equations and inequalities.

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5. High School Geometry Unlocked: Your Key to Mastering Geometry

The High School Geometry Unlocked can help you a great deal with learning geometry in practice. It has a wide range of methods of learning geometry easily which is one of the best high school math books.

Geometry is a subject that can be considered a neutral one. Some people take it as a tough subject, and for some, it is interesting. This book might make geometry as easy as you expect.

So, if you don’t like a particular technique, you can choose other techniques too. There are also several samples included. You can check and learn from it.

High School Geometry Unlocked Covers

  1. Reflection
  2. Trigonometry
  3. Translation
  4. Angles, Circles, and Arcs
  5. Probability
  6. The relation between 2-D and 3-D figures
  7. The Algebra-geometry connection
  8. Congruence and Theorems
  9. Rotation

Let’s see look at the potentials of this book.

  1. Clear goals help you to highlight the areas that you need to learn.
  2. It helps to fulfill answers by completing understanding the explanations.
  3. The book can make complicated things easier to understand.
  4. Step by step detailed explanation helps to solve problems differently.
  5. SAT and ACT-like questions were included for major problems.
  6. It has a lot of sample and practice questions for more learning.

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6. Calculus For Dummies

Calculus is a must-learn topic in mathematics for high school students. This book essentially will help you understand Calculus accurately. It approaches certain instructions step-by-step for you to get a better understanding.

The Calculus for Dummies is perfect for both high school students and if you are a college-going student and feel interested in Calculus. Calculus is a logical extension of Algebra. So, if you are done with learning Algebra, learning Calculus can be much easier.

You can make learning calculus by studying this book well. Moreover, it would be helpful to build your confidence and skills to get prepared for the Calculus exam.

It has perfect instructions to learn and remember things faster. This book explores sequences, graphs, series, and all the other common functions. There are also foundations in Trigonometry, Algebra, Precalculus functions. It teaches how to approximate areas with integration.

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7. Trigonometry Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers

You need to read the Trigonometry Essentials Practice Workbook with Answers to develop fluency in mathematics and get trigonometry skills.

It would be effectively easy to solve all types of problems without a calculator. That’s why if you do not have permission to use a calculator, you would be able to solve problems without any calculator.

It gives you the proper instructions on trigonometry. There is a quick refresher and a guide to help more. A lot of examples are included. A brief discussion is in it to give you the perfect instructions. The last chapter has some applications of trig identities.

Moreover, this book comes with a lot of variety of content that you can ever have.

  1. Helps to find the inverse trig functions.
  2. Can solve the unknown sides as well as angles like 45°-45°-90 and 30°-60°-90° right triangles.
  3. Solves problems with trig identities.
  4. Has the converting functions of radians and degrees.
  5. Can determine the tangent, secant, sine, cosine, cosecant, and cotangent of several degrees.
  6. Can apply the law of cosines and the law of sines for solving unknown angles and sides
  7. Solving the algebraic equations.
  8. Has the practice finding method of the reference angles in Quadrants II, III, IV.

In addition, some extra lessons help to know more about trigonometry. For courses like MCAT, you need some extra practice. And this book can help you in this case.

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7 Best Mathematics Books for Self Study

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