7 Best Creative Writing Books for Beginners

Great! As you are here in search of the best creative writing books for beginners with a view to flourishing your creative writing faculty. In fact, ideal creative writing books are highly potential tools for you if you would like to grow as a great creative writer.

Creative writing is the art of writing in which creativity is at the forefront of its purpose through using imagination, creativity, and innovative thinking in order to tell a story through sound-written visuals with an emotional impact.

Whether you’re just starting out in creative writing or looking to fine-tune your writing craft, here are the books that can help you to use your intrinsic creative senses and emotion in written form.

Best Creative Writing Books for Beginners


Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
The Making of a Story: A Norton Guide to Creative Writing by Alice LaPlante 9.2 View on Amazon
Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft by Janet Burroway, Elizabeth Stuckey, Ned Stuckey 9.2 View on Amazon
A Writer’s Craft: Multi-Genre Creative Writing by Kendall Dunkelberg 9.6 View on Amazon
Complete Creative Writing Course (Teach Yourself: Writing) by Chris Sykes 9.2 View on Amazon
The Bloomsbury Introduction to Creative Writing by Tara Mokhtari 8.8 View on Amazon
Creative Writing For Dummies by Maggie Hamand 9.0 View on Amazon
Becoming a Writer by Dorothea Brande 8.8 View on Amazon

1. The Making of a Story: A Norton Guide to Creative Writing

If you would like to develop the basics of creative writing in both fiction and nonfiction, The Making of a Story essentially will help you a lot that is a fresh and inspiring guide. It would be the first choice as one of the best books on writing fiction and nonfiction for beginners.

It is a hands-on entirely easy approach that walks writers through each stage of the creative process from the kick-off of brainstorming ideas to the revision of the final manuscript.

The book provides a unique combination of the three main aspects of creative writing instruction: (1) Process (on how to find inspiration, getting ideas on the page), (2) Craft (explains specific techniques, for example, how to make characterization), and (3) Anthology (learning by reading masters of the form).

You will find it in concise and clear definitions of basic terms of fiction follow examples including excerpts from masterpieces of short fiction and essays as well as contemporary novels.

The Making of a Story is ideal for creative writers who work alone as well as for creative writing classes for both introductory and advanced levels a comprehensive book is almost a complete creative writing course.

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2. Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft

A creative writer’s shelf can enrich with at least three essential books: a dictionary, a style guide, and Writing Fiction.

This best-selling classic guide to narrative craft is the most widely used creative writing text in America. The book has helped hundreds of thousands of students to learn the creative writing craft for more than three decades. In fact, Writing Fiction is more accessible than ever for writers of all levels inside or outside the classroom.

The book continues to provide practical advice that is comprehensive, and flexible for beginners.

Writing Fiction moves from freewriting to final revision and the book addresses “showing not telling,” characterization, dialogue, atmosphere, plot, imagery, and point of view.

It includes new topics and writing prompts and each chapter ends with a list of recommended readings that exemplify the craft elements discussed allowing for further study.

The examples and quotations throughout the book feature a wide and diverse range of today’s best-known creators of both novels and short stories.

This book is a master class in creative writing that also calls on us to renew our love of storytelling and celebrate the skill of writing well. So it would be one of the best creative writing books for beginners.

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3. A Writer’s Craft: Multi-Genre Creative Writing

If you are looking for an introductory creative writing text that uses a unique and multi-genre approach to provide you with a broad-based knowledge of creative writing craft, this book is absolutely for you.

This book underscores the importance of learning better creative writing habits before committing to a genre that inspires writers to go beyond their genre expectations and learn from other forms.

Most essentially, the book devotes one chapter to each of the major literary genres like fiction, poetry, drama, and creative nonfiction.

These style-specific sections of the book provide in-depth as they compare the different genres, furnishing writers with a comprehensive understanding of creative writing as a discipline and fostering creativity.

The discussion section of A Writer’s Craft concludes with a chapter on digital media and an appendix on literary citizenship and publishing. Exercises at the end of each chapter, a glossary of literary terms, and a list of resources for further study will sharpen your creative writing ideas greatly. A Writer’s Craft serves as a simple guide to the broad area of creative writing.

4. Complete Creative Writing Course

The best creative writing books for beginners go beyond introducing the basic genres to offering a complete journey along the writing way including material on editing, redrafting, and polishing a piece of work. Complete Creative Writing Course (Teach Yourself: Writing) is exactly that featuring the unique workshop exercises to encourage readers to hone their work rather than just progressing through a number of exercises.

The book takes you from a complete beginner or committed amateur to the point you’ve completed, edited, and redrafted your writing work that is ready for publication.

In addition, the Teach Yourself Creative Writing series helps aspiring creative writers to tell their stories. The series covers a wide range of genres from science fiction and romantic novels to illustrated children’s books and comedy.

This series is packed with empirical advice, exercises, and tips for unlocking creativity and improving your writing.

A very complete guide to nearly every aspect of creative writing from just a short notice to a novel, poem, and also scripts for radio, theater, and cinema.

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5. The Bloomsbury Introduction to Creative Writing

The Bloomsbury Introduction to Creative Writing is a complete introductory manual for creative writing that covers all of the major genres. It features an updated and expanded chapter on writing for digital media and new exercises for reading across the genres and writing hybrid forms.

The book is also perfect for the writer’s workshop or as a starting point for a portfolio of work, and the classroom approaches a structured series of practical writing exercises. The book builds the creative writers and students from the first explorations of voice and the relationship between writing and knowledge through the mastery of a wide range of genres and forms.

The Bloomsbury Introduction to Creative Writing 
covers genres such as autobiographical writing, short fiction, poetry, screenwriting, and writing for performance. Moreover, it covers writing for digital media including video games and social media.

The book is an essential manual for any introductory creative writing course and a practical companion for more advanced writers as it offers practical guidance on writing scholarly critiques of your own work and a glossary of terms for ease of reference.

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6. Creative Writing For Dummies

Whether you dream of being a novelist, a travel writer, a poet, a playwright, or a columnist, Creative Writing For Dummies shows you how to unlock your creativity and choose the genre of writing that suits you best.

It walks you through characterization, setting, dialogue, and plot, as well as giving expert insights into both fiction and non-fiction. Therefore, it’s the ideal launching pad for your creative writing.

One of the best creative writing books Creative Writing For Dummies covers how to get started, getting into the writing mind, the elements of creative writing, creating characters, discovering dialogue, different types of fiction writing like short stories, novels, plays, poetry, and different types of nonfiction writing, for example, breaking into journalism, writing articles, magazine writing, writing from life and autobiography, and finding an audience.

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7. Becoming a Writer

Becoming a Writer would be one of your must choices as you would like to become a prominent creative writer.

It recaptures the excitement of Dorothea Brande’s creative writing classroom of the 1920s. It discovered the role of the right and left brain in all human endeavors after decades of brain research. Dorothea Brande was teaching students how to see again, how to hold their minds still, and how to call forth the inner writer.

Becoming a Writer, in fact, is not a writer’s manual in the sense that it will not teach you about plot or grammar, or viewpoint. Instead, think of it more as a manual for the writer’s brain. Brande writes about how to confront your fears and doubts, how to get your mind in a place to be productive, and how to balance your inner editor against your inner creative.

The book you need to read before you start writing. It’s a great read for beginners or for those who have been feeling blocked or unproductive lately.

The author moves on to the dual nature of the artist’s brain: the conscious and the unconscious. The book is about not only understanding that dual nature but also positioning yourself to use that duality most effectively. Dorothea Brande is convinced that only after you get those two halves working together you will be able to produce great writing indeed.

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Being a creative writer is not a tough task rather it is easy if you have a passion or interest in writing. But you have to practice for a long time with patience and dedication on a regular basis. Writing is one of the most valuable creative art that will provide you with an honorable life and career. These books above here would be your highly effective practical guide to becoming a creative writer from the scratch. So you can go with them to make real your desire successful. You can also check out here a list of great creating writing books.

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