6 Best Chess Strategy Books to Read Now

You can look forward to reaching the highest point of success in chess if you become skilled in the overall playing roadmap of chess. A true grandmaster-level chess book can be an essential weapon to become a legendary player. There are some secrets strategies in chess; you couldn’t grab them unless you take consultancy from someone experienced or learning aid. To be honest, you could achieve tactical and positional growth in chess with the direction of a handy book. So reading the best strategy chess books seems you would love to improve your game significantly.

However, it’s always challenging to come by the best chess strategy books. You have to devote yourself to research and inspection to choose the right book. What if I do suggest the most effective chess strategy books on chess right away? Definitely, it will be a piece of great news to you as you will get rid of the extra workload to pick the perfect one from the following reviews.

Best Chess Strategy Books Review

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
CHESS: The Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies! by Andy Dunn and Aleksandr Smirnov 9.0 View on Amazon
Chess Strategy for Club Players: The Road to Positional Advantage by Herman Grooten 9.2 View on Amazon
Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy: Advances since Nimzowitsch by John Watson 9.4 View on Amazon
Mastering Chess Strategy by Johan Hellsten 9.2 View on Amazon
Chess Strategy: For Beginners by Magnus Templar 8.6 View on Amazon
Chess for Beginners: Know the Rules, Choose Your Strategy, and Start Winning by Yelizaveta Orlova 9.2 View on Amazon

1. CHESS: The Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies!

It’s one of the best chess strategy books in recent times. You will come across some outstanding strategies and tactics through this great book. It will aid you to have a revolutionary battle plan against an experienced opponent. You could achieve the ultimate success in competitive tournaments by taking the provided advice into account. Within a few days, you will be the next king of chess by following every piece of instruction. You will be unstoppable, formidable, and a living legend of chess whenever you will keep learning the mentioned winning move.

It will teach you the terms of open, semi-open, closed, semi-closed, and flank games. Besides, the book will inspire you to grab the power of quiet moves. You will learn how to take on challenges, how to play with strategies, and how to fight your reflexes through this masterpiece. Killing your opponent’s king will be easier to you to have the final touch of the game with the support of this guidebook. The process of chess trading and the impact of natural moves will be mirror-like to you. You could gain a rock-solid understanding of overcoming common mistakes.

Meanwhile, this noted book will instruct you on the reason behind sacrificing a pawn to win a queen while playing. To level up your games, it will explain to you how to control the chaos on the chessboard. The book will help you to achieve something that you never believed. Extensive explanations of various topics are provided with vivid illustrations to be manageable for you. The author has broken down the mystery of chess in this life-changing book.

Inside the Book

  • The book features some extraordinary chess strategies to advance your skill.
  • It will help you to create a perfect game plan and understand the approach of an opponent.
  • This book covers some psychological tactics to improve your power of sense.
  • It will narrate how to check the key chess pieces and how to take the king of the opponents.
  • You could anticipate the move of another player at ease through this excellent book.
  • The book describes all the instructions accordingly so that you could easily understand everything.
  • It will teach you the process of making impactful moves and ways of fighting your reflexes.

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2. Chess Strategy for Club Players: The Road to Positional Advantage

It’s one of the best award-winning books on chess. You could learn the secret strategies of becoming a chess master through this provoking book. Creating and implementing the precise game plans will be easier to you if take suggestion from this classic. You could advance your tactical growth of chess such as candidate move, analysis trees, and calculation exercises at ease. Attacking the opponent according to a definite schema will seem accessible to you very often. You will be a good defender in the opening, middle game, and endgame by dint of this masterpiece.

Learning chess from a world-class chess player is always effective. You could avail yourself of the best opportunity reading this book as it’s composed by world chess champion Herman Grooten. The honorable author expresses all the key ideas and concepts of becoming a chess master. You will find everything you need to bring your chess skills to the next level such as ultimate thinking approach, cognitive abilities, and brain-functioning thoughts. It’s a complete resource book of having a deep understanding of chess overnight.

It will teach you how to make the right move and how to realize the emotion of your opponent. Moreover, you will be an expert in the method of recognizing the key characteristics in all types of positions. Each chapter features instructive exercises to upgrade your pawn structure and pieces placement ability. It will give you the ultimate tips for saving king and managing space in the course of playing. The engaging writing style and practical example will enhance your chess experience at a significant margin.

Inside the Book

  • The book covers different techniques and strategies of winning chess against strong opponents.
  • It focuses on positional growth so that you become excel in pawn structure and implementing plans.
  • The book will teach you how to acquire tactical growth using analysis trees, calculation exercises, and candidate moves.
  • You could easily read the opponent’s mind and make the right move after reading this book.
  • This book will help you to develop your thinking ability, planning approach, and decision-making capability.
  • This classic book covers some modern examples and effective principles of chess to advance your game.
  • The book comes with plain text, an engaging writing style, and some instructive theories.

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3. Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy: Advances since Nimzowitsch

It’s an ideal book for advancing chess expertise. You find some extraordinary directions and concepts to master chess. From basic to advance, it covers everything you need to prevail over the strongest opponent. It will enhance your understanding and engage you in the game through the provided examples. You will become a great chess player within a few months abiding by all the guidelines and principles of this masterpiece. The author discussed deeply the pawn majority, piece placement, the center, and structural weakness to expand your chess knowledge.

You will have some uncovered ideas of attacking an opponent, planning a game, and implementing the precise moves through this great book. The prime book also narrates the approach of getting off the emotional failings and tension during the game. You will learn how to apply matrix, critical contemporary opening systems, dynamism, and some other useful thoughts of thriving in chess. Taking one’s king and saving your pieces will seem manageable to you if you follow the provided strategies. As it included some practical works, your prophylactic and cognitive thinking ability will be enhanced notably through reading this best book on chess strategy.

The author smartly expressed the pawn sacrifice ideas to make you competent to dominate the chessboard. He also described the secret of accepting backward pawns in return for dynamic play. You could easily pinpoint the mistakes you used to make in your opening, middle game, and endgame strategies. Grabbing the expertise of swapping and defending will be easy for you through this best-rated chess book. The clear text and concise explanation will aid you most to advance your game.

Inside the Book

  • The book covers all the absolute strategies of chess with a bunch of practical suggestions.
  • You could make the right move in opening, middle game, and endgame through this masterpiece.
  • It will help you to find out your wrong move and make the best potential moves in the course of playing.
  • You could make the right decisions, read the opponent’s mind, and get rid of emotional weakness through this classical book.
  • The book will inspire you to dominate the chessboard by taking the opponent’s king with no difficulty.
  • It will aid you to create an effective game plan, improve your thinking, and sharpen your memory.
  • This book will teach you how to displace the defender and why you should sacrifice a pawn sometimes.

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4. Mastering Chess Strategy

You could acquire some important positional ideas such as pawn chains, prophylaxis, blockading passed pawns, and utilizing the center through this excellent chess book. It focuses on a broad range of key subjects and explains the fundamental of chess to improve strategic play. From game planning to decision-making, you will become strong in all aspects of chess. The wonderful book will provide you with 350 training exercises to develop your understanding. It will improve you thinking skill, brain functionality, and cognitive abilities through the explained concepts.

It’s a full course of chess; you will find an abundance of resources to progress chess. The author followed a certain standard to compose this strategic chess book. You will become a master in all three phases including opening, middle game, and endgame if you keep following the overall ideas of the book. Making the right move is the root of success in chess; you find the direction of driving your pawns correctly through this extraordinary book. Clear analysis and real-life game explanations will aid you to have practical growth. It will make you an attacking genius within a few months.

Reading the opponent’s mind increase the chance of a win. And this book will teach you how to anticipate your opponent’s move. Moreover, it will advance your game by removing all the potential and common emotional barriers. You will be good at time-tested tactics, double attack, deflection, windmills, and many more aspects to master chess. All the chapters come with easy-to-understand text, illustrative diagrams, and to-the-point instruction to improve your chess game. It can be the best mentor for your chess career to the next level.

Inside the Book

  • This book covers some extraordinary strategies, theories, and ideas for dominating the chessboard.
  • It features a bunch of practical exercises to have a clear and deep understanding of chess.
  • The book is perfect to ensure both tactical and positional growth to defeat a strong opponent.
  • You will find the secret concepts of taking an opponent’s pawn and saving your king.
  • This book will help you to realize the opponent’s move and get rid of all potential mistakes.
  • You could easily grab the tactics of planning a game, managing time, and attacking the opponent.
  • It comes with some easy-to-digest instructions and explains everything in a concise approach.

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5. Chess Strategy: For Beginners

Chess Strategy: For Beginners can be your best coach to improve your chess experience and beat your unsuspecting opponent. The author of this book was a brilliant chess player; he focused on all the tactics of winning a game. It’s a perfect guidebook for absolute beginners to advance the game. But a professional-grade player can take counsel from it to level up the skill. It’s the combination of all the newest concepts of chess to dominate the chessboard. You will become an expert in smashing opponents and avoiding all the dangerous natural moves.

It will aid you to understand the opponent player’s move at ease. In addition, the book will teach you how to break down the dead move. You could grab the strategy of sacrificing less important pawns, solving any identified problem, and overcoming the emotional obstacles. It seems to be one of the best chess strategy books for beginners as it provided all the necessary chess rules, tactics, and strategies in a digestible approach. Improving chess knowledge and executing the appropriate game plan will seem easier to you after taking suggestions from this masterpiece.

You could easily apply tactics like overloaded pieces, discovered attacks, pins, skewers, forks, and so on through this well-composed book. It will assist you to adapt to the pressure in the course of playing. The easy-to-understand and powerful guidelines will play a crucial role to win each and every game. Most importantly, it will enhance your logical thinking and cognitive ability to master your game quickly. You could reach the goal of surpassing all the potential flaws with the support of this classic book.

Inside the Book

  • The book comes with all the most successful chess strategies to help you win every game.
  • It will acquaint you with some newest rules and concepts of modern chess to master your game.
  • It will teach you the exact examples of the overall thought process behind the winning moves.
  • The book narrates several board positions and time-tested tactics to develop your game plan.
  • You will learn the approach of double attacking, deflection, and many more legendary tactics to blunder the opponent.
  • You could easily anticipate the opponent’s move and detect your wrong move through it.
  • The book expresses how you have to move the pieces and how you can break down the dead move.

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6. Chess for Beginners: Know the Rules, Choose Your Strategy, and Start Winning

If you’re figuring out to make more clever moves, you can follow all the provided rules and instructions of this book. This book covers a wide range of tactics to help you start winning every game. It incorporates all the advanced concepts and knowledge to make you competent for defeating even an international-level player. Some great resources and practical examples will enhance your understanding of chess at a remarkable margin. You will find confidence in tackling bigger challenges and getting off all the possible obstacles through this instructive book.

All the chapters come with clear and easy-to-absorb explanations so that you could easily comprehend them. The 10 powerful short-term tactics will pave the way for achieving consistent success. You will learn how to read chess notation, how each piece moves, all the basic components of a chessboard in this book. Moreover, it will inform you of the strategies of sacrifices, forks, deflections, and so on to take control of the board. You could anticipate the opponent’s move and take his or her king with the stretegies of this book.

In addition, you will become prompt in going for a quick checkmate and thinking several moves ahead through this well-written book. The book will also help you to keep track of the whole board and understand the philosophy of the game. As the book is composed of illustrations and diagrams, every concept will be easily digestible to you. You could learn the history of chess, basic rules, and the game dynamic with much fun through this amazing book. In a word, the author delved into everything you need to become a chess giant in it.

Inside the Book

  • The book will instruct you on how to control the whole game by staying in the safe zone.
  • It will influence you to overcome all the barriers and avoid the potential wrong moves.
  • This book will help you learn about the ins and outs of open, semi-open, semi-closed, and close games.
  • The book will teach you how to attack the opponents, implement the game plan, and save your king.
  • You could easily anticipate the opponent’s move and the power of each move through this strategic book.
  • The book will offer you some legendary tactics of positional and practical growth.
  • You will learn about swapping, attacking, defending, and many more core aspects of chess through it.

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The Bottom Line

Chess is a strategic game. You need to be enriched with higher thinking, instant decision making, proper game planning, and cognitive ability to master it. Everything is possible if you keep playing for years and follow the playing approach of other legends. But if you’re exploring the most effective method of advancing your chess skill, you have to take help from the best chess strategy books. A great chess strategy book covers all the essential tips and essence to seize chess overnight.

An instructive book can enhance your brain functionality to control the chessboard throughout the game. Your opponent will be smashed over and over again if you apply all the provided strategies of a well-composed book. However, you have already found some of the impactful strategic books on chess. You can start your journey with one of those to compete against an experienced player even at your initial stage.

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