5 Best Chess Books for Openings to Win

A chess opening or the initial moves of a chess game bear out the ultimate success of a game. You should have a clear understanding of this stage to advance your chess skills. In this period, you need the ability to develop your pieces, checking the opponent’s pawns, and making moves towards the center. In addition, you must have rock-solid experience in moving the queen, king, and other important pawns as per a definite game schema.

There are many rules of opening a game that a professional chess player learns opening skills before diving into the game. In this case, reading the best chess books for openings will help you remarkably. A constructive book will direct you to the right pathway to improve your expertise and complete successful games. To keep following all the provided principles and tactics of a comprehensive guidebook will keep you few steps forward from other competitors.

Best Chess Books for Openings Review

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Back to Basics: Chess Openings: A Comprehensive Guide to Chess Openings and Opening Play by Carsten Hansen 9.8 View on Amazon
Chess Openings for Beginners: The Complete Chess Guide to Strategies and Opening Tactics to Start Playing like a Grandmaster by Craig Medina 8.8 View on Amazon
Modern Chess Openings by Nick De Firmian 9.4 View on Amazon
FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings by Paul Van der Sterren 9.0 View on Amazon
Chess Openings Theory and Practice by I. A. Horowitz 8.8 View on Amazon

1. Back to Basics: Chess Openings: A Comprehensive Guide to Chess Openings and Opening Play

As you’re in pursuant of a tactical book for chess openings, you can belong to it. The book will teach you the fundamental principles of getting into the opening play with some strategies. You will have a clear understanding of opening traps, variations, and the solution to opening problems through this book. Besides, it will present you with examples of good and bad opening days to level up your game. You could easily reach perfect and playable middle game positions after succeeding the opening stage by dint of this masterpiece.

By reading this amazing book, you could easily decide which openings to choose from. Moreover, it will instruct you on how to build an opening repertoire. To be honest, an initial move will always come to your part when you sincerely study the provided theories. It will teach you the pawn structure more effectively than any other book. You will be skilled in Gambit play, semi-closed games, semi-open games, and flank openings games with the help of this classic book. All the applicable strategies behind a successful move in the opening game will be clear to you.

It covers all the major rules of openings to the letter. Compared to other books, it’s more advanced and instructive. You could easily find perspective and sufficient exposure to develop your chess expertise. Being won endless awards in chess, the author achieved exceptional experience in opening games. He expressed his overview more exquisitely to help you in climbing up the ladder to chess excellence.

Inside the Book

  • The book covers all the opening principles with strategic ideas to develop your opening games.
  • It talks about the tactics of deciding the right opening from numerous options.
  • You could learn about all the open, semi-open, closed, and semi-closed games through this masterpiece.
  • The book describes the structure of pawns and explains the flank openings expressively.
  • You could identify all the potential opening traps and their appropriate solutions through it.
  • It will teach you the method of building an opening repertoire to advance your game.
  • The author expressed the opening variations, possible transpositions, and many more crucial theories in this classic book.

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2. Chess Openings for Beginners: The Complete Chess Guide to Strategies and Opening Tactics to Start Playing like a Grandmaster

No matter if you’ve never played chess before, you could proceed on to the upper levels completing the openings with the guidance of this book. This book covers all the fundamental concepts of chess openings to start winning successfully even at the initial stage. You will get a deep understanding of playing each opening accordingly. Besides, the book will aid you to find the best chance to get into the middle game very soon. You could always expect the competitive game in your opening through this great book.

This complete book will instruct you on the various opening variants at the beginning. Lack of experience can never stop you from reaching out the goal if you keep practicing with such an informative book. The author presents all the required components that need to make up a good strategy. Moreover, he expressed the detailed insight of winning a game in 6 moves by surprising your opponent. Most importantly, he mentioned the two definite openings that you have to avoid to thrive in.

Having a rock-solid sense of psychology is essential to start an opening; that is why this book breaks down this subject clearly to aid you. You could easily make the right decision and implement the exact game plan through this effective book. Most notably, you will discover the most famous openings such as Ruy Lopez, the Italian game, the Sicilian Defense, the Queen’s Gambit, Slav Defense, and so on. You could start playing chess like a great by taking advice from this world-class chess opening book.

Inside the Book

  • The book comes with in-depth explanations and tactics of several renowned chess openings.
  • It will enhance your chess ability and knowledge to look forward to the upper stages.
  • This book will teach you how to make the right moves and win a game with only 6 moves.
  • You could gather information on the origin of openings and some important components.
  • You could easily realize how fast or late you’re going to win or lose through this enjoyable book.
  • It will help you to create a proper game plan, anticipate the opponent’s approach, and gain the checking strategy of pawn.
  • The book will provide you with an overview of realizing the structure of pawns and the chessboard matrix.

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3. Modern Chess Openings

If you’re seeking one of the best chess books for openings, you can decide on this book. It’s a beginner-friendly chess book and covers everything you need to start playing chess. You don’t require any previous experience and ability; you could get into the game after having a short overview of the entire book. It includes some up-to-date theories for chess openings to elevate your game to the next level. By reading this classical book, you will become an expert in wide-open positions and attacking.

It describes the importance of learning and seizing opening skills seemingly. You could enjoy a dynamic, competitive, and entertaining game even at the initial period by following this guidebook. The author presented a flexible opening repertoire to develop your game. It’s a complete and comprehensive book on chess opening; you will find all the strategies for becoming qualified for the next steps in this book.  You will be familiar with more than twenty opening variants going through this must-read book.

It’s an updated book and reflects all the latest changed chess opening tactics. As a novice, you could learn how to move pieces, check pawns, create a game plan, and take control over the chessboard through this masterpiece. You could rapidly move towards the middle game and endgame by following all the provided tactics of this outstanding book. Having a master-level positional foundation will be straightforward to you if you keep practicing as per the instruction of this impressive book.

Inside the Book

  • The book explains a bunch of chess opening strategies to make you skilled in chess.
  • It will help you to have a clear understanding of making the right game plan and taking the appropriate move.
  • You will find a flexible opening repertoire through this persuasive book to advance your game.
  • This book will allow you to enter the middle game and endgame after completing the opening successfully.
  • It will acquaint you with several opening variants and make you a master of positioning.
  • This book will offer you some step-by-step psychological ideas to find a consistent winning move.
  • It will teach you how to tackle an opponent and overcome all the potential barriers.

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4. FCO: Fundamental Chess Openings

It’s another perfect guidebook to master the chess openings. You will find a bunch of up-to-date tips and strategies in this book to succeed in the initial stage of chess. This book covers all the existing openings to give you complete knowledge. You could easily reach a position that you never dreamed of with the help of this masterpiece. It will save you from all the potential traps and solve all of the encountering issues in the course of playing. You will have insight into the ‘character’ of each opening by dint of this classic.

The provided instructions will help you to develop your game plan and stake your claim to the critical squares. Building a more sophisticated repertoire in opening play will seem manageable with superb grounding. The author presents the basic variations of each opening so that you could easily grab the opportunity to move forward. As the book covers all the obstacles, you could easily grasp any upcoming issues in the course of playing. It will also allow you to find a quick solution to any failings.

It will contribute a lot to develop your game towards the center. You will become sensible in moving your pieces if you carefully follow all the given directions. It will influence you to clear the back rank and connect your rooks to make the game more competitive. Not making too many pawn moves is the core secret of mastering opening, hence the author strictly focused on this tactic. Furthermore, you will learn how often you should bring your queen and maximum how many times you have to move a piece.

Inside the Book

  • The book covers all the strategies and principles of chess opening to advance your game.
  • It focuses on the approach of getting rid of the potential traps during the playing period.
  • It will help you to develop your game plan and make the perfect move each time.
  • You will have a clear concept of all the existing openings and a verbal explanation of game plans.
  • The book will offer you a superb grounding to build a sophisticated and innovative repertoire.
  • You could reach the dreamed position at ease by following all the provided rules and regulations.
  • You could learn the development of opening variations and could achieve what you expect.

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5. Chess Openings Theory and Practice

To prepare yourself as a genius chess player, you must have rock-solid expertise in openings. And this book comes with some extraordinary tactics and principles to make you efficient in chess openings. You could easily grasp the basic matrix of chess by reading this informative book. The book will guide you on how to make a move, implement a game plan, overcome common failings, and so on to upgrade your skill. It will make you competent for fixing all the potential traps and engaging in your game. So I do recommend it as one of the best chess books for openings right away.

The remarkable book provides a broad range of variation ideas to enhance your knowledge arena. You will have a myriad of clear-cut opening overviews with outstanding strategies in the book. It will help you to extend your positional and tactical growth. You could achieve increased thinking ability and the greatest chess conceptions through this learning aid. It reveals all the secrets of smashing the opponents and grasping their minds. You could easily move the pieces towards the center to win every game through this significant book.

Meanwhile, this book provides the descriptive theories behind each opening. You will attain a crystal-clear understanding of king’s pawn openings, queen’s pawn openings, irregular and unusual openings, and so on through this fabulous book. If you want to reflect on the tactics in your life, you have to keep practicing until you become a chess giant. After all, this book will work as a chess mentor for you. So you can take help from it to start your chess journey.

Inside the Book

  • The book explains the ideas and principles of some widely followed openings.
  • It will help you to make the perfect game plan and to get rid of the possible traps.
  • You will find the correct structure of pawn and the exact rules of move in this great book.
  • It will provide you with a myriad of ideas to take control over the chessboard.
  • You will become efficient in grasping the opponent’s move and developing your piece toward the center.
  • The book will instruct you how many times you should move a specific piece.
  • You will have a solid understanding of connecting your rooks and clearing the back rank.

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The Final Thought

A chess player essentially gets proficiency in chess openings. It determines the overall success of a game. There are various openings with hundreds of variants. A player has to explore many of them to master the game. As a beginner, it will be slightly difficult to realize the overall techniques and secrets of opening unless you take suggestions from an experienced one. It may seem difficult to reach out to others to know the tactics of the game if they are not your appointed mentors.

From this perspective, you would rather take counsel from one of the best chess books for openings. You could know the matrix of the chessboard, the structure of pawns, the secrets of game planning, and all the fundamental rules through an incentive book. By the way, you can go for one of the above-mentioned masterpieces to meet your needs and enhance your chess ability. All the books will provide you the descriptive theory behind each move.

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