6 Best Chess Books for Kids

Playing chess is one of the most royal games that essentially requires intellectual applications, with tons of challenges and a mysterious manner. It is not only about one chessboard that involves two players on its two corners; instead, each piece’s move from one chessboard can engage both the players deeply for a couple of hours.

Checkmate the king of the opposite side is a matter of controlling each move by understanding the opposing player’s strategies and finally exerting some secret tactics on the chessboard.

Therefore, understanding playing chess from the basic level is the most important thing for each kid at an early age. In this fact, Best Chess Books for Kids can play a potential role in learning winning chess strategies for kids.

A coach can train your child to practice better but in order to learn detailed chess rules, each component, board layout, movement of each piece, basic techniques, and strategies with a graphical illustration to win the game the right chess books for beginners seem fundamental.

Best Chess Books for Kids

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Chess for Kids: How to Play Chess by Activity Nest 9.4 View on Amazon
How to Play Chess for Kids: Simple Strategies to Win by Jessica E Martin 9.4 View on Amazon
How to Beat Your Dad at Chess (Gambit Chess) by Murray Chandler 8.8 View on Amazon
Chess for Children: How to Play the World’s Most Popular Board Game by Murray Chandler & Helen Milligan 9.0 View on Amazon
Chess: How to Play Chess for (Absolute) Beginners
by Maxen Tarafa
8.8 View on Amazon
Chess for Kids by Michael Basman & Mary Ling 9.3 View on Amazon

1. Chess for Kids: How to Play Chess

To learn chess playing effectively and successfully, you would love to collect Chess for Kids: How to Play chess that addresses almost every detail, especially for the kids. The book describes every essential step of chess more comfortably and straightforwardly so that kids can catch things exactly.

The authors proved dedication to make this a complete presentation of chess playing with a detailed description. The necessary information like the chessboard layout and individual pieces are all included in this book very precisely and of course accurately.

Moreover, this book will sometimes give you a feel of back 1800’s century by describing some classic games (mainly was famous in that period). The book, with a clear subtitle claiming that, if kids or anyone study this book, can learn chess within merely 30 days. So, it is awe-inspiring who wants to be a great chess player soon to start with this book.

Though there are some hypothetical examples without the pictorial diagram, this book would be your best choice for kids’ or beginners’ chess orientation.

Inside the Book

  • All things are described in the fundamental point of view, where the author focused on making it perfect for the kids and the beginner.
  • Compiles everything including the basic layout of the board, how each piece moves on the board.
  • It includes some classic games trendy in the 1800 century.
  • Tactics and gambits move (which is notably done once or twice) explains in a simple but understandable way.
  • Easy text both for the child, teen, or senior people.
  • Claims to teach chess within 30 days.
  • An easy and enjoyable learning process that includes examples from hypothetical chess games.

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2. How to Play Chess for Kids: Simple Strategies to Win

How to Play Chess for Kids: Simple Strategies to Win teaches the kids to be smarter at playing chess. Author ‘Jessica’ incredibly wrote this book primarily for the child, so that each child becomes capable of learning chess with fun and can get all points in an easy-to-catch manner.

Whenever a kid finds words like “Queen Sandwich” “Copycat Opening, “he or she will be impressed automatically to grab all the lessons written in this best chess book.

Not only the child but also teen, or young people also can sharpen their chess potentiality by reading this book. The author of this book has shown her passionate delivering the best for any kid.

All instruments provide this book well enough to absorb even by a five-year-old baby. The book presents everything very clearly and sharply.

Once your child starts reading this perfect chess book will know how to move each piece, details about chess rules, and how to capture any pieces to win. The author offers lots of tactics, secret strategies about chess in her book.

Inside the Book

  • Perfect as an introductory guide for the child or any beginner. The author wrote this book to make each reader very smart and discreet about chess.
  • The author uses some interesting words to make the lesson more attractive to the kid.
  • Teaches the learner how to move individuals’ pieces, details about chess rules, how to capture pieces to win finally.
  • Your child will be smarter with the tactics and secret strategies shared in this book.
  • Kids can understand the diagram rather than reading only the paragraph.
  • Every move explains with some enjoyable examples.
  • Experts Chess Masters History encourages kids to learn the best from the glorious chess history.

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3. How to Beat Your Dad at Chess (Gambit Chess)

This exactly one of the best chess books for kids comes with the cartoony image made it perfect to impress the kids and the beginners. Plenty of diagrams and written instructions not only the kids, even adults or teens can also read this book to sharpen their chess potentiality. The fundamental ideas shared in this book are well presented to comply with adults’ & kids’ basic needs.

This book has been written exerting the importance of the recognition of all basic tactics, finding the effective checkmating chances. Several Mating Patterns with slight variations identified as necessary by the chess expertise have also been included in this book.

If you want to start with a solid introduction of your child to chess, How to Beat Your Dad at Chess will allow your child to develop an adequate chess foundation.

According to many chess experts, pattern recognition is the most crucial to winning chess. Interestingly, this book includes a wealth of all patterns critical to its readers.

Inside the Book

  • Exhaustive compilation of all checkmates. Each chapter starts with a cute name (for the different mating patterns) to attract the readers.
  • Teaches how to checkmate effectively to beat the other side. The basic idea of checkmating, how to attack at the proper time, and thinking carefully to defend the opponent.
  • Incorporates 50 deadly checkmates so that readers can deadly beat the stronger opponent.
  • Helpful explanations and practical advice are depicted in a more manageable and enjoyable way.
  • Even the advanced player also can know the checkmating ideas shared in this book to a revelation of some new categories.
  • Easy to follow the format for kids.
  • Plenty of diagrams to define the text explanations.

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4. Chess for Children: How to Play the World’s Most Popular Board Game

Chess for Children: How to Play the World’s Most Popular Board Game Delights kids’ chess learning process with the basic chess moves illustrated here. The most tricky and challenging part of a chess game is the piece’s move that is broadly discussed in this book.

The fundamental rules of chess, all process steps incorporated in this book to develop the kids’ creative thinking. Amazingly, Chandler & Milligan jointly afford their best to make a comfortable understanding of their writing.

Once your child reads this book, it will take less time to grab the chess rules and each move. Introduction of the boards, understanding the piece layout, finding all the techniques and strategies makes this book one best chess books for kids.

Taking into account the Illustrations, Typeface, Page size, Title, and Internal Contents of this book, it is the perfect chess guide for kids. As every point is depicted with “i.e.” so easy to learn and understand the chess by reading this book.

Inside the Book

  • Full with some colorful illustrations to attract the kid’s concentration.
  • Includes all improved strategical thinking about chess.
  • Teaches on how to set the board, move each move, discuss the challenging move, a perfect opening move, etc.
  • Some chess games are also incorporated as exercise elements to evaluate each other so that you and your little child can assess each other.
  • Every point is illustrated using an example, pretty easy for the child to build their confidence.
  • Gives a step-to-step idea about all rules of chess. Even if your child is a total newbie, you can pick every chess rule from this excellent chess book.
  • All the lessons of this book reinforced some inventive tales to understand thoroughly.

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5. Chess: How to Play Chess for (Absolute) Beginners

If you would like an easy-to-follow chess guideline for your kid, this book would be your perfect choice.  A perfect chess book allows the reader to fully visualize the entire chessboard with each move and the strategy used by the stronger opponent that you will find in the Chess: How to Play chess for (Absolute) Beginners.

Unlike many as usual chess books, this book excluded any non-required chess information related to the openings, tactics, forks, and even chess history useless for the kids or the beginners.

In some cases, while other chess books might exclude the Knight moves, this chess book includes details on these moves. However, in the later chapters, some precise and valuable chess information you will get for the advanced chess player.

The writer started this book with an excellent introduction, further proceeding with all the sharp, easy, and practical lessons. Your child can experience him or herself with three moves ahead to defend the opponent and win the battle.

Inside the Book

  • Gives a rich idea about the move of each individual from Pawn to King.
  • Teaches how to set the chessboard very quickly and accurately each time.
  • Basic Game-Hacking strategies & tactics with examples to defend the opponent.
  • Offers a clear-cut idea of how to get an opponent’s game strategy. Also, tell how to break the opponent’s move easily.
  • Plenty of interactive checklists and exercises so that kids can practice learning each move and strategy.
  • Employing the Parenthood Method to stop losing any move from your side without any exact reason.
  • It effectively avoids any non-useful information about tactics, moves, and the history of chess.

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6. Chess for Kids

Chess for Kids would be a good read as it explains basic chess rules, detailed tactics of chess, skills, and some top-secret strategies briefly.

The essential tactics, control on each move, and all basic knowledge written in this book solely help your child move further to defend the opponents in the club, tournaments, or even chess championship.

The most positive lesson of this book is that it does not directly illustrate the move, tactics, or techniques. The author exerts his potential to catch the kid’s mind. He just started introducing your child to the Pawns, Bishops, the King, the Queen, and every other individual move.

A comprehensive understanding of each move, chessboard, and layout details written in this book so adequate for building your kids’ foundation strongly.

Moreover, this book features a substantial Chessboard Graphics illustration showing every different scenario defining all text explanations. This visual system helps the kids to get the moves very quickly.

Inside the Book

  • The perfect introduction of all pieces (pawn, king, queen, bishops, and remaining all).
  • Chess Board Graphics illustration beside the text explanations.
  • Includes all chess rules, defines how to be skilled in chess, and shows more techniques to win ultimately.
  • Presents lots of colorful illustrations to catch the child’s concentration entirely over this book.
  • Plenty of examples with any lesson and several puzzles scattered in this book make it more enjoyable and interactive.
  • An advanced explanation of all tactics.
  • Easy-to-read and easy-to-understand guidelines both for the child and the beginners.

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The Bottom Line

The fact is that, as you love your child, you would love to see the kid grows intellectually in a bright way. In this case, learning to play chess shapes the brain to face the upcoming challenges in an effective way. Indeed. chess could be a great game that can develop a child’s visual memory, patience, focusing ability, and spatial reasoning ability.

Moreover, skills the children learn from chess can provide benefits in other cognitive areas too. Chess teaches children to build a strong foundation by increasing their thinking and problem-solving capability. With a view to making real these potentials, the best chess books for kids can contribute successfully.

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