7 Best Chess Books for Intermediate Players

As you know the basics about how to play chess, you are already an intermediate-level chess player who needs to study chess books to sharpen your potentialities for the next level. The advanced level tactics technically move each piece, secret tips, and strategies for the opening, middle game, and endgame. In order to learn all these things successfully the following best chess books for intermediate players will help you a great deal.

As soon as you become an advanced level chess player, you will gain some other benefits, for example, improved brain function, sharp memory, better cognitive abilities, matured thinking, and in-depth focusing ability, and so on.

Best Chess Books for Intermediate Players

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Chess Strategy Workbook: A Blueprint for Developing the Best Plan by Todd Bardwick 9.2 View on Amazon
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess by Bobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies, Donn Mosenfelder 9.2 View on Amazon
Chess Handbook: Rules, Tactics, and Strategies for the Improving Player by Todd Bardwick 10.0 View on Amazon
Winning Chess Tactics (Winning Chess-Everyman Chess) by Yasser Seirawan 9.4 View on Amazon
CHESS: The Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies! by Andy Dunn, Aleksandr Smirnov 8.8 View on Amazon
Complete Book of Chess Strategy by Jeremy Silman 9.2 View on Amazon
The Fine Art of Chess by Lyudmil Tsvetkov 8.8 View on Amazon

1. Chess Strategy Workbook: A Blueprint for Developing the Best Plan

Chess Strategy Workbook: A Blueprint for Developing the Best Plan book starts with introducing those things; you must know if you want to be knowledgeable about the intermediate level’s tactic and strategy of chess. How to notice on the chessboard, make a plan, and finally execute that plan all are crucial in every chess phase. This book taught all those things up to the next level to make the intermediate level players more matured and defender.

The author of this book also focused on the observant power on the entire chessboard at the gaming time. Focus on the chessboard, discovering instant new clues each and everything is covered into this ideal chess book. This book simply wider your range to make you busy, well-learner, in-depth thinker, and resourceful about chess.

Undoubtedly author-Todd Bardwick has a hidden power to deliver his speech in a simpler and easy-to-understand format. All the logical explanations of this chess book can impress the reader simply at a glance.

Inside the Book, You Will Learn

  • Different ways of using chess tricks like king safety, the function of each piece, pawn structure.
  • It teaches how to evaluate the current board structure so that players can widely select the best move.
  • How to be observant on the board and discover chess positioning clues on both sides.
  • All the best ways to cover the opening, middle game, and the end-game towards your side.
  • Describes deeply how to plan for the next move and how to execute the plan successfully.
  • The book offers 200 problems with comprehensive answers for the intermediate and the advanced level players.
  • It is a perfect book for an intermediate player or the advanced beginner type player.

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2. Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess

An intermediate chess player must need a fast, efficient, and enjoyable chess book to learn chess quickly. As this type of student progressively enhanced their chess skill near to the advanced level, a book like Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess could be a great choice in that case.

Once you read this book, you might not be the master of a chess player, but it is no doubt that your chess potentiality will increase significantly.

The author has incorporated a new learning system in this book with a lot of questions. This book will ask you questions; once you give the right answer to that question, it will pull you to the next question. And if your answer is wrong, it will push you back.

It is an excellent book for the fresher, intermediate player even for the chess player who already takes a long interval from chessboard but now wants to hit the king again.

Why should you get Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess?

  • An introduction on how to play chess helps to recall all chess basics.
  • Details about the Bank-Rank Mates with Back-Rank Defenses & variations.
  • Discussion on how to displace the defender and how to attack ‘Enemy Pawn Cover.’
  • The new system of learning ‘Programmed Learning,’ process can expose your learning capability instantly.
  • All the opening, middle game, and end-game are described here with a simple diagram.
  • It shares ideas about making a plan to attack the king of the opponent.
  • Several exercises to sharpen the chess potentiality.

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3. Chess Handbook: Rules, Tactics, and Strategies for the Improving Player

The in-depth knowledge share about the rules, tactics, and strategies in this book is very essential to convert an intermediate level player to the beginning of an advanced level. The most important feature of this book, it has a larger print size and that sharpens board positioning. So, it can exert a good impression just on the first visit to its reader.

After reading this full book, improved knowledge of pins, skewers, and forks helps the intermediate-level player become more technical and trickier to the checkmate.

Additionally, the strategies described for the opening, middle game, and end-game can stop the player from making the same wrong move at any stage of this game.

More than hundreds of tips in this book, capable of improving the intermediate or newbie players’ gaming capacity. The book can help the players so far pushing them to follow a well-structured and easy-to-catch chess manual.

It has been well written, well researched, and edited carefully. This well-readable book solely is perfect for newbie or intermediate type players. Fortunately, advanced level players also can read this book to explore their fundamental knowledge. Therefore, it is one of the best chess books for intermediate players for sure.

Inside the book, You Will Learn

  • More than hundreds of suggestions on how to learn all the basic tactics and strategies of chess.
  • Tips to improve chess knowledge very rapidly. Teaches about all moves to re-wiring your thinking extension on a new wider model.
  • An engineering approach to solve each identified problem.
  • A compilation of all chess rules, tactics, and strategies in a well-readable and simple way.
  • Each key point is explained here with some super-efficient examples. Moreover, the author carefully avoided slogging any topics so that readers do not fall into confusion.
  • Includes theory of steer-for to pass the middle-game, end-game, etc.
  • It offers a super-useful list on how to take the step for making a plan and to executing it finally for tournament players.

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4. Winning Chess Tactics (Winning Chess-Everyman Chess)

Winning Chess Tactics (Winning Chess-Everyman Chess) offer the reader learning off all the sure-fire tactics and strategies used by the top-class chess players worldwide. This book is fantastic to learn well about attacking, defending, and swapping each piece to dominate the chessboard.

Hitting on the tactical wall by themes like the pin, the skewer, and deflection are included in this book to supply all tactical collections. Repetition of all these themes and lots of practice can build your chess ability to reach you towards chess mastery.

However, at the back of this book, you will find many reviews about chess tactics. Being experienced in chess tactics will help you start the chess journey effectively. Making an idea, planning to execute this idea-detail is not only covered in this book. Rather more, pattern recognition, step to step descriptions about each move, everything is very perfectly included for the intermediate type chess player.

If you want to taste a pre-advanced level chess book, this book would be a great option combined with another best drill chess book.

Why Winning Chess Tactics is the Best?

  • Firstly, teaches how to make an effective plan for the total game from the first move.
  • Step-by-step instruction about each move for anticipating all obstacles that might come from the opponent.
  • Teaches about smashing openings, middle game, and endgame-as an intermediate player, you may dream of which!
  • This book includes several board positions (used by the renowned chess player from history).
  • A review test for each topic; therefore, each player can instantly go for the improvements.
  • Legendary tactics form many reputed chess masters to blunder the opponents easily.
  • Gives lesson about the double attack, time-tested tactics, deflection, windmills, and many more to make your chess potential.

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5. CHESS: The Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies

Chess: The Ultimate Chess Tactics and Strategies-teaches the intermediate chess player about the best chess strategies and tactics to make unbeatable from a tricky move from the opposite side. The most intellectual matter of this book covers details about the strategies of the open games, semi-open games, close games, semi-close games, flank open, and ultimate end-game.

If you want to be more competitive with your clever moves, this book is absolutely for you to deliver all the chess rules and instructions deeply. Especially the casting, the insider coverage & the closing of this book is pretty important to make the intermediate player more potential.

Many diagrams used in this book so that no player feels obstacles to catch the explanation of any text point. It is a quick to catch, easy to remember, and to-the-point book that will sharpen your brain and increase your skills significantly.

Players Would Love to Learn the Following Things

  • Safely moving the king so that player can stay in a safe zone to control the whole game.
  • Interestingly this book teaches how to lose more wisely with the explanation of why you need to lose wisely sometimes!
  • Explains details about the quiet moves. The power of each of these moves also includes.
  • It includes an inside chess strategy that is practiced by the world-famous chess player to win the chess championship.
  • You will know how to avoid all the dangerous natural moves technically.
  • Teaches details about how to open, semi-open, close, semi-close, and flank games so that you could be more efficient about chess.

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6. Complete Book of Chess Strategy

The complete book of chess strategy is like a game-changer in the world of chess book. This book has been scratched on the usual chess surface featuring different but in-depth tactics, techniques, and strategies for the intermediate-level chess player. Jeremy, the author of this book, focuses on each piece’s movement rather than memorizing the moves. Though this book is written for intermediate players, it is also a well-readable chess book for beginners too.

It contains a useful instruction guide with a better introductory for the new player. It also covers the moderate type discussion for the intermediate level player. A mass of relevant thinking covered in this book helps the player break down the deadly hit and manage the game components with a fire-bit.

All the advanced concepts & knowledge have been incorporated into this book enough to expand this repertoire thoroughly. Undoubtedly this book is a great resource for the chess player seeking in-depth chess knowledge seriously.

It definitely would be one of the best chess books for intermediate players that touches the imbalances which are horrible for each move. This book has three main sections; Opening, Middle-Game, and End-Game.

The board positioning, alpha-listing of all strategies, and a great explanation of all the key points make it a great book for the intermediate chess player.

Things What You Discover by Reading

  • Discovering the basics of each move with a better understanding of opposite player moves.
  • It helps to reveal a new chess player inside of you. A stronger and more confident player.
  • All the strategies incorporated into this book are listed alphabetically to find out all of them in an organized manner easily.
  • A clear and easy-to-absorb explanation of all points.
  • It includes all concepts and theories of chess from the beginning to the end game. How each piece is supposed to move, in-depth tactics, and strategies.
  • Teaches how to break down the dead move.
  • Several interactive diagrams for players to easily understand any point just in a while.

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7. The Fine Art of Chess

Handful books like ‘The Fine Art of Chess’ can help the intermediate-level chess player gain confidence defending a stronger opponent.

First of all, this book has been written in a well-readable pattern so that any reader never feels bore completing it. This book gives a noble reading feel exactly.

Descriptions about all moves, details of every single opening, tactics, and strategy of advanced level players present more simply and entertainingly. The to-the-point presentation of any discussion can easily engage the reader to understand the lesson quickly and easily.

However, the author of this book successfully analyzes each move in an advanced way. The two/three move patterns are the ultimate catching strategies for the entire intermediate-type chess player.

In addition, enhanced pattern recognition is one of the most useful features of this book, helps the player start with a groundbreaking. This book also covers 50 meticulously analyzed games to do more practice becoming more defenders to defeat the opponent.

Contents That Make it Ideal Reading for Intermediate Players

  • Fifty meticulously analyzed games for players make you more potential by frequent practicing.
  • A detailed description of each move.
  • In-depth game analysis so that the whole thing can represent in your eyes very easily.
  • Includes a detailed discussion on all pattern recognition.
  • Details about opening research so that you can start with a groundbreaking.
  • Perfectly describes all ideas behind every single move with every single opening.
  • The writing language is very simple and straightforward. The entertaining tone of the writer will never make you bore with this book.

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The Bottom Line

In order to make you an advanced-level chess player, the suggested best chess books for intermediate players can play the key role. Strategies, techniques, rules, the opening, middle game, and end game tactics described in these books will grow your confidence level significantly to beat the stronger opponent successfully.

In addition, chess is a special game that can improve your brains’ functionality. A frequent playing of chess can help you both in real-life and in virtual life at a time provides you with mental refreshment in an intellectual way.

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