5 Best Chess Books for Advanced Players

You’re passionate about playing chess and learning consecutively to advance your game. Wining against mid-level players seems so easy for you, but you strive to defeat a champion. If your goal is to have constant winning moves, no matter who is your opponent. It’s possible if you practice some proven methods, techniques, and rules for improving your game. And you will find the required insight and knowledge in the best chess books for advanced players.

So it’s apparent that you would love to follow great chess books to level up your skills. It needs time to find out the book that affords to meet your needs. I am here presenting some advanced-level chess books for you. All the chosen books offer invaluable chess strategies, techniques, and chess tactics.

Best Chess Books for Advanced Players

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
How to Reassess Your Chess: Chess Mastery Through Chess Imbalances by Jeremy Silman 9.5 View on Amazon
Chess Tactics: 300 Instructional Chess Problems for Advanced Players by Alex Terzi 8.6 View on Amazon
Chess Fundamentals by Jose Capablanca 9.0 View on Amazon
Chess Tactics for Champions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Tactics and Combinations the Polgar Way by Susan Polgar & Paul Truong 9.0 View on Amazon
Tactics Time!: 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players by Tim Brennan & Anthea Carson 9.0 View on Amazon

1. How to Reassess Your Chess: Chess Mastery Through Chess Imbalances

If you prefer to stay in touch with chess and develop your game, you can take consultancy from this great book. The book is written to instruct the players to bring their skills to the next level. It’s an interesting and constructive book for the players who are pursuant to the winning moves. The provided step-by-step course can dramatically enhance your chess knowledge and expertise. You could attain all the psychological ideas that require master the game in this book.

The book comes with clear and easy-to-follow concepts to explain the mystery of chess to you. You could learn the strategies of defeating the opposition through this masterpiece. Moreover, the book will aid you to overcome emotional and mental failing in the course of playing. It will help you to acquire the master-level positional foundation to prevail in any competition. Some influential examples and practical guidelines will remove all the mistakes players used to make while playing.

The author shared his playing approaches and challenges of his chess career in this ready-made chess coursebook. He made an entire curriculum highlighting all the important lessons. You will find life-changing experiences through the vividly illustrated points. This book will offer you priceless insight to get the rapid progression in chess. The book is composed of plain language and some smart techniques to be digestible for you.

Inside the Book

  • The book describes the strategies and tactics that needed to follow to win in chess.
  • It covers some easy-to-follow instructions to get rid of all the potential mistakes of the chess game.
  • This book will instruct you on how to overcome emotional failings and attain a good position while playing.
  • It explains the entire curriculum of chess in a psychological approach to make you a master of chess.
  • You will find life-changing experiences, advice, and inspiration by reading the whole book.
  • The writer presented everything you need to find the winning moves.
  • All the lesions are depicted in a clear, concise, and illustrative approach to be manageable to you.

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2. Chess Tactics: 300 Instructional Chess Problems for Advanced Players

You could conquer invaluable knowledge of chess through this instructive chess book. It’s probably would be the best chess book to become a grandmaster in course of time. The book covers up to 300 instructional chess problems to make you competent in the competitive game. It will mutate your psychological approach to make you able to anticipate the opponent’s mind. In two or fewer moves, you could take someone’s king by following the strategies of this masterpiece. The book will instruct you on the method of improving your game schema.

It’s composed of some easy-to-follow techniques to overcome all the potential mistakes. You will be guided to the process of taking on more challenging opponents and the secret of snatching the game. It will expand your mind to a new horizon and aid you to understand every move. This book is written in three parts solving a broad range of puzzles to develop your insight. It’s the best introductory book for mastering the positional foundation. By reading this book, you could easily grasp what hinders you to reach the goal.

The book will prove to be a life-changing teacher to you to gain ultimate success in chess. It will offer humor and encouragement to you in every lesson. The easy-to-understand guidelines, illustrative keynotes, and plain language will play a crucial role to advance your chess expertise. You can learn to spot the opponents giving a surprise to them. Depending on the move you made, this book will inform you of hundreds of possibilities to thrive in chess.

Inside the Book

  • The book explains over 300 chess techniques to make you a true legend of chess.
  • It comes with easy-to-follow instructions to read the mind of an opponent while playing.
  • It covers the psychological process of improving the game plan and finding a successful move.
  • This book is divided into several sections to highlight all the crucial strategies of taking someone’s king.
  • You will get much inspiration to take on challenges and proceed on your own tactics through this book.
  • The book describes some puzzles to make you efficient to understand the secret of chess.
  • You will become an advanced player by complying with all the given instructions of this book.

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3. Chess Fundamentals

Chess Fundamentals is an incentive guide book for chess players. It covers all the strategies an individual needs to grab to master chess. You could advance your game plan through its opening, middle game, and endgame techniques. To enhance your understanding, it will present you with all the impactful rules of chess with in-depth explanations. You could easily read the competitor’s mind and make the appropriate move by taking consultancy from it. Besides, it will make you able to improve the positional foundation of a chessman.

This classical book breaks into the whole concept of chess to take your skills to the upper stage. It talks about the psychological processes of tackling an opponent. You could easily check someone’s key chessman by following all the provided tactics of this masterpiece. It will help you to notice the matters that hinder the success of your game. You could achieve something you always wanted through this instructive book. It will rescue you from the blow of mental failings.

The book is written in an easy-to-understand approach so that you can digest all the strategies at ease. It highlights all the key points and illustrates the most important lessons. You will find a full-fledged chess curriculum in this magnificent book. All the game instructions and theoretical articles will fetch a life-changing impact on you if you carry out everything accordingly. The actual moves and lesions are too fit to make you a legend of chess.

Inside the Book

  • The book explains the techniques of defeating an opponent by anticipating his or her move.
  • It describes the newest examples of having the right move and perfect position while playing.
  • It instructs the psychological approach of mastering chess and promoting the chessman.
  • This book helps to notice the common mistakes you commit in the course of playing.
  • You could easily check the key chess pieces and take the king of your opponent by following this excellent book.
  • It offers the essential opening, middle game, and endgame strategies of chess to advance your skill.
  • The book is written in plain language and highlights everything smartly.

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4. Chess Tactics for Champions: A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Tactics and Combinations the Polgar Way

This book can come in handy to you to improve your game plan and expertise. It covers a bunch of step-by-step guidelines to make you able to be a master of chess. Applying all the provided tactics, you could easily outplay any competition. You will be strong enough to overcome the opponent’s threat and mental failings through this book. Moreover, it will make you efficient in anticipating the opponent’s move and handling difficult positions. You will have a profound overview of every aspect of chess play through this guidebook.

No matter how experienced you’re at this stage, the book will push you to the advanced level if you follow it accordingly. It will guide you on how a strong player plays the game scheme and takes on challenges over opponents. In addition, you could learn how a legendary player proceeds from the very first move. You don’t need to reach out to a chess mentor or coach if you keep pursuing this great book. Most notably, the book will help you to acquire a special ability to recognize patterns and combinations while playing.

It will expand your thinking ability and offer you some critical advantage that you never find anywhere else. The author of this book is a world-class chess player, so you will gain rock-solid chess experience from the book. To enhance your power of sense, the writer explains some never-before-published ideas in this impactful book. You could learn about chess from basic to advance by dint of such a mysterious book. So it deserves your attention for the very first time.

Inside the Book

  • Every lesson of this book describes the tactics of advancing chess expertise.
  • The book put together some mind-expanding theories and instructions to master chess skills.
  • It focuses on some psychological approaches to make a player able for solving puzzles and getting the opponent’s king.
  • It will aid you to have a solid understanding of the patterns and combinations.
  • This book will help you to get a quick recovery from mental discomforts and potential barriers.
  • You could achieve the secret of planning a game and reading the move of the opponent.
  • The book will offer you an invaluable insight into chess by marking all the key tips.

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5. Tactics Time!: 1001 Chess Tactics from the Games of Everyday Chess Players

Do you want to acquire the legendary chess skill? If so then it’s for you. You will find almost 1001 chess tactics to expand your experience through this great book. It narrates some instructive tactical examples to make you fit for competition. You can learn positions, patterns, and combinations by dint of such an impactful book. The book will also acquaint you with the secret of making cool and fancy moves. You will be free from cheap traps and oversight issues with the support of this masterpiece.

Gaining victory against an experienced opponent will be easier for you by following all the provided ideas. You will never run out of mental support if you concentrate on the psychological section of this book. The constant occurring mistakes will never take place if you apply the given rules. Solving tactics puzzles is the key to improving at chess; hence the book contains a broad range of puzzles to solve. It also covers some motivational quotes to enhance your devotion and energy.

You won’t stumble with emotional hinders with the guidance of this book. Moreover, it will aid you to excel in positing and checking the chess pieces. Making a supportive battle plan will be easy for you. And you will be unstoppable and thirsty for reaching your goal. Chess trading and threat tackling will seem nothing to you. Every chapter highlights the essential concepts so that you can focus on them. After all, it will bring far-reaching outcomes to you compared to other traditional books.

Inside the Book

  • The book covers some proven tips and tricks to master chess at home.
  • This book features hundreds of examples to instruct you accordingly to find the right pathway of game.
  • It breaks down some hidden concepts of chess that an experienced player follows.
  • You could read the opponent’s mind and get his or her king at ease by dint of this book.
  • It will help you to make a revolutionary game plan and build a productive move.
  • You will find profound knowledge and insight into chess from every lesion of this masterpiece.
  • The book will release your mental discomforts and inspire you to engage in the game.

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The Final Thought

Chess is one of the most innovative and thought-provoking games that trends to master in chess to flourish brain. You have to struggle in every step to reach the ultimate goal you’re eyeing without precise guidelines. Appointing a coach is not looks fair until you’re a national or international player. However, if you’re planning to level up your game, you can take counsel from the potential books. From this perspective, you can look for one of the best chess books for advanced players.

A well-written book will instruct you accordingly to find the right progression. It will make you able to anticipate your opponent’s approach and tackle the threat. You could spontaneously make the productive game plan and perform the right move to snatch the victory. So it seems essential for you to choose the most effective book considering your gaming method and expertise level.

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