6 Best Books on Acrylic Painting

A painting guidebook plays a crucial role to bloom over creativity in acrylic painting. A beginner artist can easily hit the peak of expertise by taking regular consultancy with an informative book. If you’re pursuing a mentor to expand your acrylic painting skill, you can opt for one of the best books on acrylic painting. You will find condense expert advice and an exact track to establish yourself as a full-fledged painter through a great book.

Best Books on Acrylic Painting

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques by Gill Barron 9.2 View on Amazon
Acrylics for the Absolute Beginner by Charles Evans 9.0 View on Amazon
Acrylic Painting Step-by-Step: 22 Easy Modern Designs (Step-by-Step Leisure Arts) by Wendy Jelbert, Carol Massey, and David Hyde 9.0 View on Amazon
Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 More Small Paintings: Pick Up the Skills, Put on the Paint, Hang Up Your Art by Mark Daniel Nelson 9.2 View on Amazon
DK Art School: An Introduction to Acrylics by Ray Smith 8.8 View on Amazon
Acrylics: Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner by Adrian Burrows 9.0 View on Amazon

1. Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques

If you’re a complete beginner in acrylic painting, you can decide on this excellent book. It covers up to 300 tips and strategies to be an expert in acrylic painting. You could know what to do, how to mix color, how to make the right color combination, and how to deal with paints through this masterpiece. All the chapters will teach you about types of acrylic paints and the approach of creating a multitude of effects.

The self-teaching book will aid you to improve your painting skill and correct some common errors. It expresses the secret of successful painting with some logical statements. You will be proficient in mono-printing, framing, mural painting, and many more creative works through this book. It will offer you some incentive projects idea with detailed explanations and step-by-step demonstrations.

The ideas of color theory, composition, and contextual using tone will influence you get moving forward. You could achieve the most accurate drawing and glazing skills by reading this guidebook. The book will also direct you on how to manipulate all the tools in order. After all, you will find a wide range of guidelines through this book to expand your expertise at low investment. So you can opt for it without any further hesitation.

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2. Acrylics for the Absolute Beginner

This book will help you to spark your creativity and attain the proper designation as a painter. It comes with some practical advice for the absolute beginner to expand their painting skill. You will be well-versed in producing fantastic artworks with the assistance of this great book. To influence you to get into painting in full rhythm, it narrates 12 versatile and reusable outline drawings.

You will have 6 stunning project ideas with detailed explanations through this potential book. It covers a variety of subjects including color mixing, effect, painting tools, texturing, and so on to make you eligible to dive into paint works full-time. Moreover, it will provide you the ultimate guideline of how to create purposeful brush strokes. You will have a clear understanding of how acrylic works in this guidebook.

Most notably, it will instruct you on how to progress your skill to fulfill your vision. It particularly focuses on the foundation of acrylic painting to grow up basic knowledge. Every lesson is presented in a natural writing flow so that you can perceive all the directions at ease. You will come round from all the common errors and leaking in painting if you keep practicing with it. So it can be your best companion to establish yourself as a self-taught painter.

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3. Acrylic Painting Step-by-Step: 22 Easy Modern Designs

Are you zealous for boosting your confidence in acrylic painting? If your answer is positive then go for this learning guide at once. It describes everything from top to bottom to upgrade the painting skill of an art enthusiast. You could learn up to 22 easy designs through this top-notch acrylic painting guidebook. The book will instruct you on how to create the effects and choose the color palette to make your artworks stunning.

You will find 10 step-by-step demonstrations with clear photographs. The book will help to explore some advanced creative techniques to create something vibrant. It covers helpful instructions about how to utilize all the painting tools and how to compose on landscapes. You will be an expert in composing murals, flower paints and using tone overnight through creative techniques.

Every chapter narrates some advanced techniques as well to scale up your expertise. You will be capable of getting into a regular workflow if you follow all the directions. The book features overall 144 pages to put together the overall process of acrylic painting. There is no shortage of any information and guideline. So you can set your mind on this book over other books.

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4. Learn to Paint in Acrylics with 50 More Small Paintings

The author expresses the overall acrylic painting constructively with some exercises in this book. It will inform you how to mix paints, use brushes, and fix all the common mistakes. You could notice some tactics of acrylic paints with pictures and charts. The book discusses both portrait and landscape design approaches. As a beginner, it will be the best teacher for you to move forward to the advanced and difficult works.

It will allow you to accomplish 50 painting projects to boost your skill and confidence level. You will be hands-on in creating impressive effects and making the ideal color palette with the advice of this masterpiece. The book will instruct you on how to create complex scenes, render multiple planes, and create reflections on the metal. Moreover, you could learn the strategies of varying brushstrokes and negative spaces through the best books on acrylic painting.

It focuses on the light, shadow, and form with much precision to improve your knowledge level. You will have a clear understanding of fabric, textured layering, color contrasts, and various surfaces through this great book. It will also teach you how to simplify complex artwork and how to enhance working excellence. Each of the provided exercises of this book will play a critical role to expand your experience and skill in painting.

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5. DK Art School: An Introduction to Acrylics

This book is essential for all artists to have an understanding of the ins and outs of acrylic painting. It features some easy-to-follow techniques to help an artist tackle complex projects. As a beginner, you could learn how to deal with acrylic and how to grow your skill in this field. It will guide you about the color palette, light, shadow, effect creation, and many more topics.

You can solve all the common mistakes and misunderstandings of painting through this effective book. It will inspire you to take the challenge and carry out an array of projects with much precision. All the provided projects will expand your knowledge level at a significant margin. The 72-page book will instruct you on how to navigate your tools precisely to sketch something impressive.

Meanwhile, it exhibits hundreds of crystal-clear water-colored photos to provide you with immense ideas about the actual form of painting. You will capable of exploring new and updated painting schemas by following all the rules of this book. Most importantly, it narrates various painting paradigms to make you proficient in performing eye-catching art projects. You don’t need to break your bank to purchase such an impactful book.

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6. Acrylics: Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner

It’s regarded to be the constitution of acrylic painting around the globe. You will find everything about paint from basic to advanced level in this learning aid. It will be your teacher to express your creativity on canvas or other surfaces. The book assembles all the tips and tactics in an accessible manner to develop your expertise. You will be efficient in the color palette, effect, texture, shadow, and framing through this book.

If you look over all the provided photographs, you could grab the exact theory of acrylic painting instantly. The book also contains various features on painting trees, figures, and skies to allow you to get going forward. You won’t stumble in the course of painting as it covers some piece of outstanding troubleshooting advice. It will guide you through the proposed rules of using all the required tools and materials.

It will let you spark your creativity by doing some influential projects. Each tutorial is divided into various phases in order that you could get a clear conception. You could easily vary brush strokes and explore new project ideas within a short time. It requires less effort to grab all the effective techniques of this book. If you keep practicing with this masterpiece, you will be capable to reach your vision at ease.

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The Final Thought

Artists tend to look over a book instead of pursuing a teacher to learn painting these days. There is no need to go outside to excel in such a creative job if you keep one of the best books on acrylic painting in hand. A quality book covers everything to make you proficient in artworks. You could perceive the techniques and formula of having a master in paints through a great book on acrylic painting. Get more acrylic painting books here.

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