7 Best Books for Intellectual Growth

In order to expand your intellect, the best books for Intellectual Growth can help you a lot. By reading the following books you can increase your intelligence as well as your thinking and imagination power will grow greatly.

One thing to note is that the more your brain thinks, the more your intellect will increase on a particular subject. The more the brain is exercised for intellectual growth by reading books, the more opportunities there are to become and these books would be potentially effective to increase greater intelligence in you.

Best Books for Intellectual Growth

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
Limitless by Jim Kwik 9.4 View on Amazon
Intelligent Thinking by Som Bathla 9.0 View on Amazon
Lost in Thought: The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life by Zena Hitz 9.0 View on Amazon
How to Think Like Shakespeare by Scott Newstok 8.8 View on Amazon
Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ by Daniel Goleman 9.0 View on Amazon
Critical Thinking Skills by Carl Patterson 9.8 View on Amazon
Emotional Intelligence by Brandon Goleman 9.0 View on Amazon

1. Limitless

As you would love to “Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life”- Limitless by Jim Kwik the world’s leading brain coach is your first choice.

The Limitless makes people able to accomplish more and more productivity, more transformation, big personal success, and business achievement by changing their Mindset, Motivation, and Methods.

Mindset, Motivation, and Methods live in the audio of Limitless along with practical techniques that unlock the superpowers of your brain and change your habits.

Jim Kwik, for more than 25 years, has worked closely with successful men and women who are at the top in their fields as actors, athletes, CEOs, and business leaders across almost every walks of life to unlock their true potential.

He discloses the science-based practices and field-tested tips to accelerate self-learning, communication, memory, focus, recall, and speed reading to create fast, hard results in this groundbreaking book.

Reading the Limitless will flip your mindset, ignite your motivation, and master the method like a supercomputer, and your thoughts program it to run. So I confidently suggest you read it the first choice of the best books for intellectual growth.

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2. Intelligent Thinking

In order to “Overcome Thinking Errors, Learn Advanced Techniques to Think Intelligently, Make Smarter Choices, and Become the Best Version of Yourself” Intelligent Thinking by Som Bathla would be your great choice indeed.

The author Som Bathla loves to research human psychology and behavior in order to get the maximum out of life. Intelligent Thinking is 1 of the Power-up Your Brain 5 book series.

This book is an excellent guide to reshape how we think deals with powerful techniques to think intelligently, make smarter and faster decisions.

What you will learn by reading Intelligent Thinking is as follows:

  1. How the human brain operates and how precisely the thinking process works within our mind?
  2. How your thinking abilities are not dependent on your IQ?
  3. Different types of thinking people follow to check where do you find yourself.
  4. Most common cognitive biases that trip you up for making irrational, illogical decisions and are triggered by your emotions.
  5. Understand the power of neuroplasticity that allows you to change the way you think.
  6. How thinking about failing in a particular way can help you be better prepared for success?
  7. First-order thinking vs. second-order thinking – how do thinkers do deep work in thinking?
  8. How integrative thinking can create a whole blue ocean of possibilities?
  9. Learn how this type of thinking invented the ‘shopping cart’ and how rolling suitcases got invented out of a particular type of thinking.
  10. Understand how to think like Leonardo da Vinci by knowing about the Seven Approaches he used to improve his intelligence.

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3. Lost in Thought: The Hidden Pleasures of an Intellectual Life

Lost in Thought is a must-read book for anyone who desires an intellectual life. In a high-spirited and engaging way, Zena Hitz persuasively argues for the value of intellectual inquiry and learning for its own sake. Rather than floating by on the overloaded and superficial things, inebriated by Netflix and Facebook, she challenges us to go deeper into a reflection on human nature, the natural world, and spiritual reality.

Zena Hitz writes few experiences are so fulfilling as the inner life, whether that of a bookworm, an amateur astronomer, a birdwatcher, or someone who takes a deep interest in one of the countless other subjects.

When today even humanity is preserved only for their economic or political utility, Hitz says that our intellectual life is not successful but because of their practical uselessness. And since any intellectual can have a life, she especially encourages academics to approach the desire to learn in their own interest and urges universities to transfer the habits of mind to the individual and the heart that can bring the best in us.

Drawing inspirational examples, from Socrates and Augustine to Malcolm X and Elena Ferrante, and from films to Hitz’s own experiences as someone who walked away from elite university life in search of greater fulfillment, Lost in Thought is a passionate and timely reminder that a rich life is a life rich in thought.

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4. How to Think Like Shakespeare

A lively and interesting guide to important mental habits that can help you think more deeply, write more effectively, and learn more happily.

How to Think Like Shakespeare offers an enlightened and entertaining guide to the craft of thought which shows what is lost in our education today and how we will begin to recover it.

In fourteen lively chapters that draw from Shakespeare’s world and work and cut off important Scott Newstok minds from other writers past and present that can help you think more deeply, write more effectively and learn joyfully, at school or outside.

Challenging many of today’s questionable ideas about education, Newstok shows how mental play emerges through work, creativity through imitation, autonomy through tradition, innovation through limitations, and freedom through discipline.

It was these practices and conversations with the past with verification, not fruitless obsessions that nurtured the mind like Shakespeare. And while some of us may hope to acquire the genius of the Bard, we can all learn from the exercises that shaped him.

Friendly, conversational tone compositions and shaking with insights, How to Think Like Shakespeare’s constant thrill of thought on each page and timely influences your ways to expand your mind and sharpen your words. So it definitely would be the best books for intellectual growth you desire.

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5. Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ

Everyone knows that a high IQ is no guarantee of success, happiness, or virtue, but until Emotional Intelligence, we could only guess why. Daniel Goleman’s brilliant report from the frontiers of psychology and neuroscience offers startling new insight into our “two minds” the rational and the emotional and how they together shape our destiny.

Drawing on groundbreaking brain and behavioral research, Goleman shows the factors at work when people of high IQ flounder and those of modest IQ do surprisingly well.

These factors which include self-awareness, self-discipline, and empathy, add up to a different way of being smart and they aren’t fixed at birth.

The best news is that “emotional literacy” is not fixed early in life. Every parent, every teacher, every business leader, and everyone interested in more civil society has a stake in this compelling vision of human possibility.

Although shaped by childhood experiences, emotional intelligence can be nurtured and strengthened throughout our adulthood with immediate benefits to our health, our relationships, and our work.

The latest edition with new information reflecting the latest research offers a significant updating of the EI model and answers questions posed to Goleman during his worldwide speaking appearances. A new section also guides readers to the best resources in the fast-growing field of EI studies.

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6. Critical Thinking Skills

“Practical Tools for Rational Thinking and Deep Analysis to Boost Your Brainpower. Adopt Logic Strategies to Find Intelligent and Effective Solutions to Challenges”

If you having difficulties trusting your intuitive side when making decisions and if you are tired of seeking advice on how to make better decisions for your life, Critical Thinking Skills is an essential read for you.

Every day we are called upon to make choices, big ones, or inconsequential ones. If we can think better, we can make better decisions with passion, a focused mind, and a brave heart.

In this book you will find:

  1. The Critical Thinker’s Toolkit
  2. The Winning Skills for Critical Thinking
  3. 9 Important Characteristics of a Successful Leader
  4. How do Intuition Works
  5. 7 Key Strategies to Improve Problem Solving and Logical Thinking
  6. 9 Simple Strategies You Can Follow for Developing Yourself as a Thinker
  7. 9 Basic Methods, 4 Rules,10 Techniques for Effective Argumentation
  8. Brain Games to Boost your Analytical Thinking Abilities

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7. Emotional Intelligence

If you want to know yourself more deeply, and how to use emotional intelligence to live a happy life and be fulfilled, then keep reading it.

For the longest time, it was believed that being book smart was all you needed to get by in life. That is until a different kind of smart was introduced into the picture. Emotional Intelligence is essentially the kind of smart you need to be in order to understand your emotions, relate well to people, and handle the curveballs that life may throw at you.

People with emotional intelligence seem to have everything figured out because they have mastered the most important thing of all. They have mastered themselves.

Emotional Intelligence is a handbook on all things that you may have questions about regarding your emotional quotient or EQ. It explores the various aspects of EQ from why we have emotions to why we need them. It explains why emotional intelligence might get you further in life than IQ without necessarily diminishing the very important role played by book smarts in your life. It goes further to bust the popular myths about emotional intelligence that exist allowing you to distinguish the truths from the misconceptions.

Inside you will discover:

  1. What emotional intelligence is and why raising your EQ is so important
  2. How emotional intelligence affects your relationships and your work
  3. The importance of empathy
  4. How to manage and reduce energy vampires

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If you have been struggling to grow your intelligence and understand where your emotions fit in the overall picture of your life or what you can do to achieve greatness in your personal and professional life, then these best books for intellectual growth are perfect for you.

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