5 Best Books for Finding Yourself Right Now

Finding yourself is the greatest and most important adventure of your life of discovering who you really are. When you would love to find yourself might sound like an inherently self-centered goal, but it is actually an unselfish process that is at the root of everything we do in life. With a view to being a successful individual, finding peace in life, exploring full inner potentials, being the most valuable individual to the world around us, the best friend, the best colleague, the best husband, the best partner, parent, etc, we have to first know who we are, what we value and, in effect, what we have to offer for others. You can start this ever greatest journey by reading the best books for finding yourself right away. In fact, this personal journey is one every individual will get ultimate success from taking in life.

Best Books for Finding Yourself

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile 9.4 View on Amazon
In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want by Iyanla Vanzant 9.4 View on Amazon
You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero 9.5 View on Amazon
Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds by David Goggins 9.6 View on Amazon
Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics) by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi 9.2 View on Amazon

1. The Road Back to You: An Enneagram Journey to Self-Discovery

You can find your true self just right now by studying The Road Back to You. The classic book allows you to peek inside each of the nine Enneagram types. The Enneagram is an ancient personality type system with an uncanny accuracy in describing how human beings are wired, both positively and negatively. You will learn not only more about yourself, but you will also start to see the world through other people’s eyes. You would be able to understand how and why people think, feel, and act the way they do.

Most essentially, you will discover yourself as one or two of the following number by reading this must-read book of finding yourself.

  1. Perfectionist.
  2. Helper.
  3. Performer.
  4. Romantic.
  5. Investigator.
  6. Loyalist.
  7. Enthusiast.
  8. Challenger.
  9. Peacemaker.

Inside The Road Back to You, the great authors Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile explore a unique approach that is a practical, comprehensive way of accessing Enneagram wisdom and exploring its connections with Christian spirituality for a deeper knowledge of ourselves, compassion for others, and love for God.

The book is witty and filled with stories that allow you to peek inside each of the nine Enneagram types, keeping you turning the pages long after you have read the chapter about your own number.

In fact, the wisdom of the Enneagram can help take you further along into who you really are by leading you into places of spiritual discovery you would never have found on your own.

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2. In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want

In the Meantime, explains that you know where you want to be, but you might have no clue how to get there. You know exactly what you want in life, but you might not set out the ways to find there in your life. Most probably your vision is unclear, your purpose in life is still undefined.

In this context, behind all these, your relationships, particularly your romantic relationships, are failing. If these scenarios happen to you, this book would be the right reading for you indeed.

Every human being wants to experience the light of love. But the barrier is that our windows are dirty. The windows of our hearts and minds are streaked with past pains and hurts, past memories and disappointments.

In this book, Iyanla Vanzant teaches how to do our mental housekeeping so that we can clean the windows, floors, walls, closets, and corners of our minds. Sometimes you need to take a step back, listen to your intuition and proceed with caution when dealing with matters of the heart. When you do a great job, your spirits will shine bringing in the light of true love and happiness.

In the Meantime, in fact, it would be the best book to find yourself in real what you desire. The masterpiece will show you the way to the wiser, more compassionate person you want to become. This book helps you to look at yourself, your life, and why of think, behaving from a different perspective.

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3. You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

I do believe strongly that you would love to know How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by studying this one of the great books on finding yourself actually. The book is packed with humor, inspiration, and effective advice in order to discover yourself that teaches you how to get better without getting busted.

This influential book explores the ways how to identify and change the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors that stop you from getting what you want. Most importantly, you can create a life you totally love. At end of the reading, this book extensively of You Are a Badass, you would be able to understand why you are how you are. Moreover, how to love what you can’t change and how to change what you don’t love, eventually how to use the force to kick some serious ass.

The great book comes with five comprehensive parts that address in an easy-to-use way how you got this way, how to embrace your inner badass, how to tap into the motherlode, how to get over your B.S. already, and how to kick some ass.

It teaches how your subconscious made you do it, answers the question like I Know You Are But What Am I? What Are You Doing Here?

The most amazing quote that I do love and I think you will also love to read: “You can start out with nothing, and out of nothing, and out of no way, a way will be made.”

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4. Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds

This is really an astonishing life story of self-discipline, mental toughness, and hard work through which David Goggins transformed himself from a depressed, overweight young man with no future into a U.S. Armed Forces icon and one of the most famous endurance athletes.

David Goggins is a man who came from struggle and hardship, accomplished many impressive feats, and became one of the toughest men alive. Most amazingly, he invented his own methods through trial and error and was not afraid to tap into something that our society has just about eliminated.

David Goggins, in Can’t Hurt Me, shares his extraordinary practical life experiences and reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities. Goggins calls this The 40% Rule, and his story illuminates a path that anyone can follow to push past pain, demolish fear, and reach their full potentials effectively.

“There’s no limit to him because he doesn’t live in a comfort zone. His mental and physical capacities are equal. Goggins proves that your body can handle anything if you let your mind keep up. There’s no way to stop something or someone that doesn’t understand the concept of being beat.”- Marcus Luttrell

The most compelling book explains how to overcome severe hardships to achieve success. The story of beating all odds, achieving athletic greatness, serving the country, his charities, and of mastering his own destiny will inspire all of us to reach ultimate success in life.

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5. Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience (Harper Perennial Modern Classics)

And finally, I would like to suggest you read Flow, one of the best books for finding yourself also highly recommended as one of the best books for self-help.

Famous investigations of Flow/ Optimal Experience – a state that is hard to describe but basically encompasses measured, precise concentration on an intellectually or physically satisfying task reveal that what makes an experience genuinely satisfying is a state of consciousness called flow. People usually experience deep enjoyment, creativity, and total involvement with life during flow.

In his groundbreaking classic book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience Csikszentmihalyi demonstrates the ways that a positive state can be controlled, not just left to chance. It teaches how by ordering the information that enters our consciousness, we can discover true happiness, unlock our potential, and greatly improve the quality of our lives.

In fact, the book is a set of scientific discoveries about human nature that actually illuminates the life experiences of all persons. It explores the way that happiness lies not in mindless hedonism, but in fact, in mindful challenge.

The book focuses on ways that we can encourage flow in our lives, and also talks about the perils of over-reliance on a particular flow activity. The book is about trying to find the potential for flow in our daily lives in order to achieve worthwhile goals by using encouraging flow in a multitude of monotonous and transcendental activities.

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Effective Ways on How to Find Yourself

You can find yourself through reading great books about finding yourself I have covered here. In addition, in order to find yourself successfully in real, you can follow the following effective steps that would be the most challenging but enjoyable experience in your life.

  • Talk to your conscious self.
  • Follow what your heart says.
  • Explore your inner potentials.
  • Trust in yourself.
  • Set your own life timeline.
  • Identify your weak points.
  • Immerse yourself in solitude.
  • Be clear of your life goals and career path.
  • Question yourself what you are.
  • Get ready for dead ends.
  • Be positive always and reject the negative approach.
  • Hold your own perspective of the world.
  • Read seriously the great self-help books.

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