6 Best Biographies of George Washington

Some people are born to be great. The homage, dignity, and love for them never end. George Washington, the former military general and the first president of the United States of America is one of them. He devoted himself for the sake of making his motherland free from foreign rules. To win the battle against the British, he applied his military skill, wisdom, technique, and merit. He is an idol of millions of people worldwide. The Americans always follow his ideology and guidance to make their country great. If you are curious to know about George Washington, you can reach out to such a great biography book. You may pick one of the best biographies of George Washington to discover his struggle, success, foreknowledge, political view, and other characteristics right now.

Best Biographies of George Washington

Book Name & Author Image Rating Price
You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington by Alexis Coe 9.0 View on Amazon
George Washington: A Life from Beginning to End (Biographies of US Presidents) by Hourly History 9.0 View on Amazon
George Washington: The Political Rise of America’s Founding Father by David O. Stewart 9.5 View on Amazon
Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow 9.6 View on Amazon
His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis 9.2 View on Amazon
George Washington’s Secret Six: The Spy Ring That Saved the American Revolution by Brian Kilmeade & Don Yaeger 9.2 View on Amazon

1. You Never Forget Your First: A Biography of George Washington

Alexis Coe, the author of this all-time biography book, showed the entire life journey of the great George Washington. In this book, the author highlighted the struggle, success, mission, achievement, and other phenomena of George Washington. Young George was brought up by a poor, helpless, and single mother. He had to go through severe problems in his early life, but he never gave in. He struggled so hard and got an admiration to be a national hero. Having got married, he took up arms against the British to snatch away the freedom and right. He lost several battles, but never stopped his effort.

At last, he got victory in the Revolutionary War and became the founding father of the United States. Having reached his goal, he decided to retire. But the other founders and high personalities requested him to lead the USA. He was elected as the president of the United States twice. After completing his presidential duty, he left the highest office heartbroken over the partisan nightmare. The great president passed away in 1799. He has been memorized by arts, monuments, stamps, currency, geographical locations, and many more symbols after his death. His countrymen took him to their heart because of his pioneer role as a president and general.

This biography also brought out the greatest hypocrisy of the man who did everything for liberty, equality, and democracy. The author composed it based on rigorous research. With warm humor and an irresistible writing style, he put together everything for the readers, particularly those who are pursuing to know about George Washington. The book covers his endeavor to assimilate Native Americans into Anglo-American culture. Besides, it gives the message of his indispensable role in rectifying and adopting the constitution of the United States of America.

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2. George Washington: A Life from Beginning to End

It’s one of the best books on George Washington. In this biography book, the author has broken down the entire life scenario of the great general, president, and personality. He showed the impeccable leading capability of the founding father of America. George Washington gained supreme honor through his generous mind, brave fights, and extraordinary political and military skills. He had a deep thirst for liberty and the transformation of society. He fought against the British to free his motherland and finally succeeded. The bravery battle against the British cast him as a national hero and let him ascend the presidential office.

He struggled to empower his throne and make his country develop. His integrity, knowledge, and talent helped him to establish a great America. He depicted the modern architecture of the USA. During his ruling period, he formed the constitution of America. Within a few years, he removed the poverty, illiteracy, superstition, and separation of his countrymen. He worked hard to unite all the states to make America powerful and progressive. As a political leader, he used to influence his countrymen to make quick changes and come forward to build America. In this two-term ruling period, he earned the identity of a remarkable leader in the history of the world.

The book showed that George Washington was not well off in his early life. He got married to a wealthy woman called Martha, then he was promoted to the commander-in-chief of the continental army. Then, he ascended to leadership in the political, military, and social spheres of Virginia and the United States within a short time. He tried hard to transform thirteen individual states into a united country. His achievement in both military and political careers is enviable. The young generation feels happy to emulate his lifestyle. Despite military adversity and political wrangling, he did his best for sake of making a prosperous and developed country.

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3. George Washington: The Political Rise of America’s Founding Father

This biography book urges the political rise of George Washington, the founding father of America. The author showed how he used his merit and strength to rule the country and stretch dominance. George Washington was a military general. He came to the limelight after fighting against the British for independence. Having won the war against foreign rulers, his countrymen pressured him to take the presidential role. He was unanimously elected as the first president of the USA after getting retired from the continental army. During his ruling period, he formed the constitution of America and brought about some notable changes.

He became the most powerful leader of the era through his outstanding political knowledge. He used to make smart and well-planned decisions to bring optimum development to his country. His approach to governing the country made him one of the great leaders in the world. He earned the trust, dignity, and love of his countrymen by uniting plenty of divided states. He endeavored to form a powerful military force to save American civilization and make America live long. During the very early years of the republic, he fought to eliminate illiteracy, poverty, superstition, racism, and discrimination. He struggled to make an equal field for all classes of people.

But his earlier journey was not smooth. He had to suffer terribly to bring him into the elite group. He came from the wilderness to become an architect of modern America. His invaluable self-confidence, persistency, and integrity took him to the acme of success. He was a generous and kind person. He used to encourage others to do something for their betterment. Despite the dispute over his political life, he has been memorable in the history of America. The author depicted his mission and vision in an engaging writing tone to inspire all his followers.

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4. Washington: A Life

From the countless books, it’s regarded to be one of the best biographies of George Washington. Ron Chernow, the author of this book provided a rich portrait of the great leader, general, and personality. George Washington was the founder and first president of the USA. He made significant development in social, industrial, infrastructural, financial, and other major sectors. During his ruling period, he formed the constitution and guided his countrymen to the progressive pathway. He elevated the military power of the USA at a notable margin. By transforming several states into a united one, he built a powerful America.

He was a commander-in-chief of the army by profession. During his military career, he fought countless battles for the betterment of his motherland. He struggled hard to rescue his country from British rule and finally succeeded. His heroic exploits during the Revolutionary War helped him to give freedom to his countrymen. After retiring from the military with magnificent performance, he held the highest honored office of the United States. He had been the most influential person in America then. His merit, brave, and wisdom helped him to bring about a significant change in America.

Based on massive research, the author composed this legendary book. The book offers the young leaders some pieces of good messages. It helps an enthusiast to know deeply about the adventurous life of George Washington. Besides, the book is ideal for encouraging people to reflect his ideology and leadership skills to their respective life. It’s written in a story-telling style to make the phenomenon clear to the readers. The incorporation of history, epic, and entertainment make it one of the truly gripping biography books in the world. It’s a pleasurable, educative, fair, and full-scaled biography book.

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5. His Excellency: George Washington

His Excellency: George Washington is a renowned biography book, composed by Joseph J. Ellis. The author expressed the achievements, struggles, and missions of George Washington throughout his life. In this book, the author urged how he took place in the mind of Americans soon. To illustrate, George Washington hailed from a poor family. He suffered much in his younger age for want of basic needs. But everything changed after he had joined the military army. He acquired the top position of the army to lead the country. Throughout his military career, he encountered several battles and lost most of them. But he never folded down.

He particularly came to light after defeating the British. His brave, knowledge, wisdom, and military skills helped him to bring independence to his country. After that, he became elected as a president to lead the whole county. He united numerous divided states and formed a constitution to rule the United States of America. During his governing period, he took some great decisions to make a significant difference in all sectors. He scaled up the military power of his country at a notable margin. In addition, he provided an enriched economic position to this motherland. In the course of his two-term presidency, he tried heart and soul to make America great in the whole world. And his mission had borne fruit.

After leaving the presidential office, he used to advise his countrymen to make a quick progression. He had a supreme effort to bring equality, justice, and harmony to his countrymen. He guarded against the racism, indiscrimination, and oppression that usually come about then. His invaluable energy, emotions, and solidity made him one of the pioneer historical persons. He has been remembered by all his countrymen. This magnificent book gives a good message to the young leaders to absorb the imperial power like George Washington. It’s the best book for the political enthusiast to know about the secret of political success.

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6. George Washington’s Secret Six

It’s another best biography of George Washington. This award-winning book is composed jointly by Brian Kilmeade and Don Yaeger. The authors expressed the entire life story of the legendary general, personality, and president. In this book, some of the secrets behind the success of George Washington are illustrated. The book showed that he beat a hasty retreat from New York City in August 1776. At that time, many Americans thought the revolution might be over overnight. George Washington hit upon a new plan to win the battle against the mighty British. He joined a top-secret and little-known group called the Culper Spy Ring.

Getting involved with the team, he recruited a sophisticated and deeply secretive intelligence network to infiltrate New York. His efforts helped him to defeat the British military and brought about independence for his nation. After that, he had been the national hero of America. He ascended to the presidential chair with the unanimous support of his countrymen. Having taken the highest office, he had to work hard for the sake of quick improvement of his motherland. He used his wisdom, brilliance, and brave to bring a significant change to every sphere of the country. He removed all the violence, discrimination, and negative mentality from his countrymen.

The authors draw extensive research to describe the crucial phenomena during the revolutionary war. They offered fascinating portraits of spies of the group of the Culper Spy Ring. The role of a reserved Quaker merchant, a brash young longshoreman, a tavern keeper, a curmudgeonly Long Island bachelor, a mysterious woman, and a coffeehouse owner was mind-blowing. All the secrets have been pinpointed to give the readers a good lesson. Besides the military and political life, the book showed his early struggling as well. It’s a world-recognized book on a great leader, general, and personality.

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The Final Words

George Washington is a name of spirit, influence, and pioneer. He struggled hard to make America free from the blow of foreign rulers. And ultimately he succeeded to give his motherland freedom. Besides, he ruled America for two terms and brought about some significant changes. His ruling system, political view, and ideology are honored by the whole nation. He is an idol of the younger leaders. If you want to know about him, you can look for one of the best biographies of George Washington.

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